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How you can help?

Dive into the heart of marine conservation with ORCA, a dedicated charity committed to the preservation of whales, dolphins, and their marine habitats. ORCA’s mission is to safeguard cetacean populations through meticulous research, monitoring, and a deep commitment to protecting these majestic creatures and their environment. Sail Away Magazine is proud to support this vital cause, making a tangible difference with every subscription. For every issue subscribed, we donate £1 directly to ORCA, ensuring that your subscription not only enriches your knowledge and passion for the sea but also contributes to the vital conservation efforts needed to protect our marine life for generations to come. Join us on this journey of exploration and preservation, where your subscription becomes a beacon of hope for cetaceans worldwide.

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ORCA’s Work

ORCA’s vital work spans across groundbreaking research, educational outreach, and pioneering monitoring programmes that chart the health and movements of whale and dolphin populations in our oceans. These efforts are crucial in understanding the intricate lives of cetaceans and the challenges they face, from the threats of pollution and climate change to the dangers of ship strikes and entanglement in fishing gear. Donations to ORCA fuel these initiatives, enabling the charity to deploy state-of-the-art technology, engage communities in marine conservation, and advocate for policy changes that ensure safer, healthier marine environments. Each contribution supports ORCA’s mission to create a world where cetaceans thrive alongside humans, safeguarding these magnificent species and their habitats for future generations to marvel at and enjoy. Through your support of Sail Away Magazine, you become an integral part of this noble endeavour, directly aiding in the conservation and research efforts that make a difference in the vast, blue expanse of our planet’s oceans.

Cetaceans seen in 2022


Common Dolphin Encounters


Different Species Seen


Cetaceans recorded by ORCA


Km of oceans surveyed


Cetaceans seen in 2022 =29,067

Common Dolphin Encounters =1,816

Different Species Seen =35

Cetaceans recorded by ORCA =1816

Km of oceans surveyed =2735

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