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For every subscription to Sail Away Magazine, we donate £1 directly to ORCA to support their marine conservation efforts.


Dive into Marine Conservation with ORCA and Sail Away Magazine

Welcome to a world where your love for the sea and cruising translates into tangible conservation efforts. Dive into the heart of marine conservation with ORCA, a dedicated charity committed to the preservation of whales, dolphins, and their marine habitats. ORCA’s mission is to safeguard cetacean populations through meticulous research, monitoring, and a deep commitment to protecting these majestic creatures and their environment.


Our Partnership: Making Waves for Marine Life

Sail Away Magazine is proud to support ORCA’s vital cause, making a tangible difference with every subscription. For every issue subscribed, we donate £1 directly to ORCA for every issue. This ensures that your subscription not only enriches your knowledge and passion for the sea and sustainable cruising, but also contributes to the crucial conservation efforts needed to protect our marine life for generations to come.

ORCA's Vital Work

ORCA’s vital work spans groundbreaking research, educational outreach, and pioneering monitoring programmes that chart the health and movements of whale and dolphin populations in our oceans. These efforts are crucial in understanding the intricate lives of cetaceans and the challenges they face, from the threats of pollution and climate change to the dangers of ship strikes and entanglement in fishing gear.

Donations to ORCA fuel these initiatives, enabling the charity to deploy state-of-the-art technology, engage communities in marine conservation, and advocate for policy changes that ensure safer, healthier marine environments. Each contribution supports ORCA’s mission to create a world where cetaceans thrive alongside humans, safeguarding these magnificent species and their habitats for future generations to marvel at and enjoy.


Your Subscription: A Force for Good

Through your support of Sail Away Magazine, you become an integral part of this noble endeavour, directly aiding in the conservation and research efforts that make a difference to the world’s oceans. At the heart of ORCA’s work is the evidence and data collected over the last three decades, leading to better protection for whales and dolphins in ocean hotspots. ORCA’s experts are actively involved in high-level global forums to safeguard marine mammals and their habitats.


Tackling Ship Strikes and Whaling

Understanding the ship strike threat and finding ways to prevent it is of paramount importance to ORCA. Through partnerships with cruise ships, ferries, and commercial freight shipping, ORCA raises awareness and mitigates the impacts of shipping activity on cetaceans. The survey work is not an end in itself; it influences policy and affects positive change worldwide. The data collected is used to advocate for change and protection where it is needed most.

Why ORCA Visits Whaling Nations

Whaling activity has a significant impact on hunted populations, often in areas not regularly monitored. ORCA collects data during these sailings, analysing it to identify trends and changes. By visiting these areas, ORCA raises public awareness, applies pressure on hunting nations, and hopes to end whaling through positive interactions and dialogue with local communities and governments.


Number of nations where commercial whaling is legal


Estimated number of whales remaining in the wild


Estimated number of whales killed by commercial whaling in 2023


Number of whales killed in a single day in the Faroe Islands in August 2023

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We value our partnerships and believe in their power to end whale and dolphin hunts. Your support through Sail Away Magazine helps ORCA in this vital work, giving voice to data and advocating for the protection of these magnificent creatures. Together, we can ensure that future generations will continue to marvel at and enjoy the beauty of our oceans and their inhabitants.

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