We specialise in writing engaging editorials about cruise ships and cruise lines, often upon invitation to press trips and cruises. Our talented team of writers, influencers, and photographers are eager to showcase the best your brand has to offer. We welcome contributions from professional writers, journalists, travel influencers, travel agents, or anyone with a captivating story for our readers.

Cunard's Queen Anne Arriving in Southampton - © Copyright: Sail Away Magazine

Exceptional Editorials

At Sail Away Magazine, our team of expert writers excel in creating compelling editorials and advertorials that give your brand the spotlight it deserves. We provide comprehensive coverage for special PR events, major cruise announcements, and an in-depth showcase of what your brand has to offer. Any invitation we receive is met with extensive print and digital coverage, ensuring your brand shines across all our platforms. With Sail Away Magazine, your stories are told with the passion and precision they deserve, reaching a dedicated and enthusiastic audience.

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Unparalleled Dedication

What sets Sail Away Magazine apart from other cruise travel publications is our unwavering commitment to capturing cruise ships from the most stunning angles. Whether it’s filming from the air with drones or capturing ship interiors in 6K Ultra HD for our YouTube channel, we go the extra mile to showcase your brand in the best light. While others might be content to wander a ship sipping champagne, our team is hard at work, ensuring we present the very best your brand has to offer to our dedicated audience of cruise lovers.

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Celebrity Ascent in Santorini - © Copyright: Sail Away Magazine
Cunard's Queen Mary 2 Queens Grill Suite - © Copyright: Sail Away Magazine

New Audiences

Our content and editorials at Sail Away Magazine are designed to introduce your brand to a whole new audience of cruisers who may not have considered you before. Through engaging stories, stunning visuals, and in-depth features, we highlight the unique aspects of your offerings, capturing the interest of our readers and viewers. By showcasing your brand in our magazine and digital platforms, we create awareness and intrigue, encouraging cruisers to explore and choose your brand for their next voyage. Let us help you reach new heights and attract a broader audience in the cruising community.

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River & Expedition Cruising

At Sail Away Magazine, our editorials and advertorials are crafted to introduce cruisers to exciting new types of cruising experiences, such as river cruising and expedition cruising to the world’s most remote and thrilling destinations. Through captivating narratives and breathtaking visuals, we highlight the unique adventures and unparalleled beauty of these alternative cruising options. By showcasing these experiences, we inspire our readers to venture beyond traditional cruise routes and discover the extraordinary. Let us help you unveil the wonders of river and expedition cruising to a curious and adventurous audience.

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George Eliot, Riviera Travel - © Copyright: Sail Away Magazine

Numbers we are proud of...


YouTube Subscribers

Based on subscribers and monthly viewership, Sail Away is the 11th largest cruise-related YouTube channel in the UK.


Social Media Following

We have a substantial social media following, particularly on Instagram where we have 21.7K loyal followers.


Monthly Digital Audience

Across all digital platforms including YouTube and social media, +1.2 million people view our content each month.


Magazine Readership

Our readership is growing month on month, and is expected to double by the end of 2024.