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Charting New Horizons: Sail Away Magazine's Journey

Welcome to Sail Away Magazine, the ultimate resource for cruising enthusiasts founded by Dan and Jay, whose shared passion and vast industry experience steer our course to becoming the Number 1 cruise travel magazine in the world by 2030. From humble beginnings on YouTube to a thriving print and digital magazine, we’ve crafted a platform dedicated to honest and insightful cruising guidance at your fingertips.

Our Founders' Journey

Jay’s love for cruising was sparked at the age of 12 aboard Fred Olsen’s Braemar, on a cruise to the Norwegian fjords, leading to a maritime career and deep-seated passion for the sea. Dan, who found his cruising spirit later in life, was drawn into this world through a cruise aboard Regal Princess, on a seacation cruise. United by their enthusiasm, they launched ‘Sail Away with Dan & Jay’ on YouTube and social media, before going onto launch Sail Away Magazine in October 2023, to create an authentic voice in the cruise community, and another platform for influencers to be heard and noticed. Sail Away Magazine is free from the glossy exaggerations of typical cruise publications.

​​From YouTube to Your Magazine

Originally starting as ‘Sail Away with Dan & Jay’, their YouTube channel captured the essence of ship tours, comprehensive ship reviews, and the ins and outs of life on a cruise ship. Rebranded to align with Sail Away Magazine, it continues to thrive, offering viewers engaging content that complements the magazine’s print and digital offerings. Together, Sail Away Magazine forms a multimedia approach to cruising, ensuring you have access to insightful, reliable, and entertaining information across all platforms.

As of May 2024, Sail Away Magazine stands as the 11th largest cruise-related YouTube channel in the UK, and the 11th largest UK cruise-related Instagram account, far surpassing other cruise publications in terms of digital presence.

Engage, Learn and SAIL AWAY

Dan and Jay, as your cruise guides, leverage their extensive cruise experience and industry knowledge to bring you content that goes beyond standard cruise tips and advice. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of cruise planning or diving into the cultural tapestry of your next destination, our platforms are designed to inform, inspire and excite. Through engaging YouTube videos, in-depth articles, and vibrant social media interactions, we invite you to become a part of a community that values transparency and quality, while doing some good for the environment along the way.

What Sets Us Apart?

Sail Away Magazine’s commitment to independence ensures our content remains unbiased and grounded in reality. We address the glossy portrayals often found in cruise advertising by focusing on genuine experiences, including the challenges cruisers might face. This unique perspective helps you make informed choices, transforming potential pitfalls into opportunities for unforgettable experiences. You can have total trust in our reviews, allowing you to make an informed decision when booking your next cruise holiday.

Our Mission and Vision

We strive to fill the void in genuine cruising content. Our independence from corporate influences allows us to serve you unfiltered realities of cruising life—both the highlights and the areas needing advocacy. We work with a variety of cruise lines, of course. But we also work with influencers and other industry experts to give Sail Away Magazine balance. Engagement with our community is at the heart of what we do; we encourage your stories and feedback, fostering a platform enriched by diverse experiences. Together, we can help likeminded cruisers make the very best decisions when booking, and taking their next cruise.

Did you know that Sail Away Magazine is going to be launching a podcast? Sail Away Uncensored will be a cruise podcast like no other, asking the bold questions that others are afraid to ask, and that cruisers want to hear.

Why Your Engagement is Crucial

Missing out on Sail Away Magazine means missing out on a treasure trove of cruising wisdom. From practical tips and comprehensive reviews of the latest cruise ships, to community discussions and sustainable cruising practices, engaging with our content in print, or digitally ensures you’re well-equipped for any cruise type of cruise holiday.

Embark on your journey with Sail Away Magazine and experience cruising through a lens of expertise, honesty, and community spirit.

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