Our Celebrity Apex Norwegian Fjord Coffee Mug is perfect for your morning cuppa when you’re not on a cruise! Perfect for coffee, tea and hot chocolate, and is made from durable ceramic material.

Coffee Mug Details:

  • Material: The coffee mug is made from durable ceramic material, which is known for its heat retention properties and ability to withstand hot beverages like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.
  • Capacity: It has an 11oz (0.33 liters) capacity, providing ample space for your favorite morning drink.
  • Design: The coffee mug features an image of the Celebrity Apex, taken in May 2023 while it was moored alongside the port of Geiranger in Norway. This design likely appeals to cruise enthusiasts and travelers who have experienced or dream of experiencing the Celebrity Apex in the picturesque Norwegian fjords.
  • White Ceramic: The mug is white, which is a classic and versatile color that complements any kitchen or office setting.
  • Rounded Corners: The mug has rounded corners, which can add to its aesthetic appeal and comfort when holding it.
  • Branding: It is branded with “Sail Away with Dan & Jay”.

This coffee mug appears to be a delightful souvenir for fans of the Celebrity Apex and a great way to bring a touch of cruise memories into their everyday routine. It’s versatile and functional for various hot beverages and can make a thoughtful gift for cruise enthusiasts.

Height, cm 9.50
Diameter, cm 8.00

Return and Refund Policy:

  • This item is printed to order, meaning it is produced specifically for each customer’s request.
  • Returns and refunds are generally not accepted for this item unless it arrives damaged.
  • In the event that the item arrives damaged, customers should contact Sail Away via the provided contact us page below.
  • Sail Away will be in touch with customers to address any issues related to damaged items.

This policy provides clarity to customers regarding the conditions under which they can request returns and refunds, which is particularly important when dealing with custom or made-to-order items like this coffee mug. It ensures that customers have a way to address any issues they might encounter, such as damage during shipping.

Additional information
Weight 0.52 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 8 cm

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