About Dan & Jay

Welcome to the heart of our cruising passion at Sail Away, the perfect destination for authentic cruise experiences and travel insights. We are Dan & Jay, the faces behind the lens of the YouTube channel Sail Away with Dan & Jay, and founders of Sail Away Magazine. We, invite you on a journey through our shared love for the high seas and the stories that make each voyage unforgettable.

Our adventure began as a simple hobby, rooted in a profound love for travel and the unique allure of cruising. Before our paths crossed, Dan was unacquainted with the world of cruises, a narrative that changed dramatically after a mini cruise on the Regal Princess in 2021. That single journey was a revelation, infecting Dan with the well-known Cruise Bug and marking the beginning of an extraordinary chapter in our lives.

Together, we embarked on a mission to share our experiences, knowledge, and passion with fellow cruise enthusiasts. Sail Away with Dan & Jay emerged not just as a platform but as a community for those captivated by the magic of cruising. Our YouTube channel, initially conceptualised with a focus on Jay’s expertise as a merchant navy officer, evolved into a beacon for cruise lovers worldwide, leading us to the creation of Sail Away Magazine in October 2023. This expansion into the written word was driven by our desire to connect with audiences who cherish detailed blogs and printed stories as much as they enjoy engaging video content.

Our journey is one of discovery, shared experiences, and the joy of bringing the cruising world closer to you. With each article, video, and blog post, we aim to offer a window into the vast, mesmerising world of cruises, providing insights, tips, and honest reviews that stem from our personal adventures at sea.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or new to the nautical lifestyle, we’re here to guide, inspire, and share in the incredible journey that cruising offers. So, welcome aboard Sail Away, where every story is an invitation to sail away with us into the horizon of endless possibilities.

About Dan & Jay

Sail Away with Dan & Jay started out as hobby, based on a shared passion for cruises and travelling. Until we met, Dan had never been on a cruise before – but one mini cruise aboard Regal Princess in 2021 was enough to give him that famous Cruise Bug.

On our return, we were watching some cruise videos on YouTube – and we both thought “we can do this”; and this is where our journey began as cruise influencers on YouTube. The channel started out as Cruise with Jay – because initially, we imagined a channel which would be more focused on Jay’s career as an officer in the merchant navy. As time went on, we realised that there was huge interest in our cruise content, and we felt that we should keep our focus on this area. We rebranded as Sail Away with Dan & Jay in May 2022 – and in September 2023, Sail Away Magazine was launched to tap into those cruisers that prefer written blogs and print, over YouTube videos.

It’s a very competitive environment to be a cruise travel influencer – and we knew that we needed to stand out from the crowd. We decided to focus the channel around the videos that we enjoy watching, and in particular, the ones which we would actively search for before booking a cruise. We enjoy cruise videos which show you the ship, provide the detail and above all – provide the honesty. We’re not the type of influencer to sugarcoat issues, if we experience problems and have complaints, we make this known in our content. “Honesty is the best policy” and its certainly worked for us.

Collectively, we have more than 100+ cruises under our belts – from cruises on small luxury river ships, to massive super cruise ships carrying over 6000 passengers. In just over 2 years, we have achieved a combined following of 57,000 across a variety of platforms, and our content is read, watched and viewed by more than 1 Million people each month – achievements which we never dreamt possible when we started this journey!

We’re forever grateful to our viewers, subscribers and companies that are reaching out to us wishing to collaborate. If you would like to work with us, or collaborate in any way – please contact us! We’d love to hear from you!

About SAIL AWAY Magazine

Dive into the captivating world of cruising with Sail Away Magazine, a pioneering cruise travel publication founded by cruise lovers, for cruise lovers, and those who share a profound respect for our planet’s marine ecosystems. At Sail Away, we’re not just about sharing the latest cruise news, tips, and reviews; we’re on a mission to make a difference, both in the world of cruising and in the broader context of marine conservation.

From the moment we launched Sail Away Magazine, our vision was clear: to blend our passion for cruising with a meaningful purpose. For every subscription through sailawaymagazine.com, we proudly donate £1 to ORCA per issue, a leading marine conservation charity dedicated to the protection of whales, dolphins, and porpoises around the globe. Through insightful articles, we aim to raise awareness about the critical importance of marine conservation and celebrate the remarkable efforts of ORCA and its volunteers in safeguarding these majestic creatures and their habitats.

But our commitment doesn’t stop at donations. Sail Away Magazine takes a hands-on approach to conservation, actively participating in beach clean-ups, sea safaris, and supporting ORCA volunteers on their vital missions to monitor cetacean populations. Our dedication to making a positive impact reflects our belief that the cruising community can play a pivotal role in marine preservation.

Every month, Sail Away Magazine brings you a rich tapestry of content, featuring guest contributors from across the cruise industry spectrum. From travel influencers and vloggers to travel agents and cruise line officials, our pages are filled with diverse perspectives, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging read. Our contributors are united by their love for cruising and a shared commitment to environmentally responsible cruise travel.

Sail Away Magazine was born from a love of writing, cruising, content creation, and a deep-seated passion for animal welfare and environmental conservation. We strive to be a vocal advocate for eco-friendly practices within the cruise industry and beyond, emphasizing the importance of making ecological decisions for the health and diversity of our planet.

Join us on this journey with Sail Away Magazine, where your love for cruising meets a commitment to the planet. Together, we can explore the wonders of the world’s oceans while contributing to a sustainable future for all its inhabitants.