December’s edition of Sail Away Magazine is a treasure trove of cruising wonders, perfect for sea enthusiasts and dreamers alike! This month, we feature an exclusive interview with the remarkable Captain Kate McCue, whose seafaring stories are as vast as the oceans she navigates. Join us as we explore the life-changing journey of JJ Cruise, who left it all behind to embrace the endless horizon of world travel by cruise ship. Dive into our in-depth review of MSC Cruises’ newest gem, the MSC Euribia, and experience the pinnacle of maritime luxury and innovation. Plus, we’re excited to bring you insights from beloved cruise influencers Paul and Carole Love to Travel, as they share their first impressions of the luxurious Neptune Suite aboard Holland America Line’s Koningsdam. Subscribe to Sail Away Magazine today and set sail on a monthly voyage of extraordinary cruise adventures and insights!

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