What sets Nieuw Statendam apart?

Nieuw Statendam, one of the Pinnacle-class vessels operated by Holland America Line, sets itself apart from other cruise ships through its distinctive blend of classic elegance and modern innovations, catering to a more discerning cruiser seeking both comfort, personalised service and enriching experiences. Nieuw Statendam boasts a sophisticated interior design inspired my music, which blends the traditional with contemporary flair. Unlike many other cruise ships, Nieuw Statendam features an impressive multi-million-dollar art collection. This curated selection is themed around the concept of music, a homage that extends through the ship’s design, making it a floating gallery of visual and performance arts.

A signature feature of the Pinnacle-class with Holland America is its “Music Walk” area, which offers a variety of live music venues, including B.B. King’s Blues Club, The Rolling Stone Rock Room and Billboard Onboard. This dedication to live music sets the ship apart, offering a richer evening entertainment experience than found on many other cruise ships.

Brief history and Launch Date

Nieuw Statendam has carved its niche in the Holland America fleet as the epitome of elegance and tradition, blended with modern luxury. Launched into service in December 2018, this magnificent cruise ship is the second of the Pinnacle-class ships, a class which is medium in size by today’s standards, meaning she is small enough to feel intimate, but large enough to feature a splendid array of dining and entertainment options to keep the discerning cruiser satisfied.

Named in a splendid ceremony in February 2019, Nieuw Statendam was christened by none other than Her Majesty Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, continuing a tradition that cements the enduring relationship between the Dutch Royal Family and Holland America Line. This prestigious association dates back over a century, adding a layer of royal heritage to the ship’s already rich narrative.

With a gross tonnage of 99,500 and a capacity to accommodate 2,666 guests, she is designed to offer a more intimate and exclusive cruising experience, reminiscent of a bygone era of luxurious ocean travel but with all the modern amenities and environmental considerations the 21st-century cruiser expects.

Design and Technology

The ship’s interiors, designed by the renowned hospitality design firm Tihany Design and Yran & Storbraaten, are a visual feast, with grand, sweeping spaces that pay homage to the golden age of ocean travel while embracing modern aesthetics. This is evident in the ship’s impressive atrium, which dazzles with its stunning, multi-story artwork that captures the fluidity and grace of the sea itself.

Technologically, Nieuw Statendam is equally impressive, boasting advanced navigation and safety systems that ensure a smooth and secure journey across the oceans. Energy efficiency is at the heart of the ship’s operation, with state-of-the-art systems designed to minimise environmental impact, including the use of scrubber technologies to reduce emissions and advanced waste management systems. Nieuw Statendam has the capacity to plug in to shoreside power too, preventing her from burning fuel to generate power to the ship whilst the ship is alongside.

The ship also offers high-speed internet connectivity, interactive TV systems in every stateroom, and The Navigator app that enhances guest experience by providing access to daily schedules, the ability to book shore excursions and speciality dining, account management, and navigation around the ship. This seamless blend of design and technology aboard Nieuw Statendam not only ensures guest comfort and safety but also underscores Holland America Line’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the cruising industry.

Sustainability Initiatives

Holland America Line has firmly anchored sustainability at the heart of its operations, with Nieuw Statendam serving as a flagship example of its commitment to environmental stewardship. This vessel has embraced an array of sustainability initiatives designed to minimise its ecological footprint and safeguard the marine environments it explores. Among its notable efforts, Nieuw Statendam utilises state-of-the-art waste water treatment systems and employs cutting-edge technologies to reduce emissions, including exhaust gas cleaning systems that significantly diminish the ship’s environmental impact. The ship’s operations are also geared towards energy efficiency, leveraging advanced systems to optimise fuel consumption and incorporate energy-saving LED lighting throughout. Furthermore, Holland America Line’s dedication to reducing single-use plastics manifests aboard Nieuw Statendam, with concerted efforts to eliminate or replace plastic items with sustainable alternatives. These initiatives reflect a broader commitment by Holland America Line to blend premium cruising with environmental responsibility, setting a benchmark for sustainable practices within the cruise industry.

Quick look at Dining, Entertainment, and Amenities

Aboard Nieuw Statendam, dining and entertainment are elevated to an art form, offering guests a symphony of flavours and performances that resonate with sophistication and diversity. From the tantalising array of culinary delights prepared by world-class chefs to the captivating live music venues that fill the evenings with melody and rhythm, every aspect of the onboard experience is curated to delight the senses. The ship’s dining options span the globe, offering everything from casual bites at Lido Market, to exquisite fine dining experiences at Tamarind and Rudi’s Sel De Mer, ensuring a palate-pleasing journey for every taste. Entertainment, too, is a cornerstone of Nieuw Statendam’s allure, with its renowned “Music Walk” providing a vibrant spectrum of live music options, from rock favourites at The Rolling Stone Rock Room, to soul classics at BB King’s Blues Club. Together, the dining and entertainment onboard create an ambiance of unrivalled pleasure, making every moment aboard Nieuw Statendam a cherished memory in the making.

Dining on Nieuw Statendam

Aboard Nieuw Statendam, culinary exploration is as integral to the journey as the destinations themselves. With an impressive selection of dining venues that range from casual al fresco bites like Dive In to formal gourmet experiences which include Pinnacle Grill, the ship caters to every palette and preference. Each restaurant and dining space on Nieuw Statendam has been thoughtfully designed to provide not just a meal, but a memorable culinary experience. From the exotic flavours of Asia at Tamarind and Nami Sushi to the refined French seafood brasserie Rudi’s Sel de Mer, guests are invited to embark on a gastronomic tour of the world’s finest cuisines. Holland America Line’s partnership with renowned chefs and food experts on their Culinary Council ensure that every dish served is of the highest quality, prepared with the freshest ingredients and a keen eye for detail. Dining aboard Nieuw Statendam is more than just eating; it’s an experience that delights, surprises, and makes your day.

Entertainment and Activities

Onboard Nieuw Statendam, entertainment and activities unfold as a captivating array of choices designed to enrich, entertain, and engage guests of all ages. Whether you’re drawn to the soothing strings of classic jazz, the soulful rhythms of blues, or the timeless appeal of rock and roll, the ship’s unique “Music Walk” concept offers an electric mix of live performances each evening, catering to diverse musical tastes.

Beyond music, Nieuw Statendam boasts an impressive range of activities, from enlightening cooking demonstrations and wine tastings to high-tech virtual experiences and engaging workshops that delve into the arts and cultures of the ship’s destinations. Fitness enthusiasts will find state-of-the-art facilities and classes, while those seeking relaxation can retreat to the tranquil spaces of the Greenhouse Spa. Nieuw Statendam ensures that every moment onboard is filled with opportunities to discover new interests, relax in style, or simply enjoy the pleasure of being at sea.

Luxurious Accommodations

Nieuw Statendam takes the concept of ocean-going accommodation to new heights, offering a diverse array of cabins and suites that blend comfort, style, and functionality. Whether you opt for a cosy interior stateroom, a room with a view in one of the ocean-view staterooms, or the indulgent luxury of a spacious Neptune suite, each space is designed with the guest’s comfort in mind. Holland America Line has meticulously crafted these living quarters to ensure that every detail contributes to a sense of home away from home. Plush bedding, elegant furnishings, and thoughtful amenities create a serene retreat after a day of exploration ashore. For those seeking a more elevated experience, the suites provide additional perks and privileges, including exclusive access to exclusive venues and enhanced in-room services.


Embarking on a journey aboard Nieuw Statendam offers more than just a voyage across the seas; it presents a meticulously curated experience where dining, entertainment, and accommodation converge to create an unforgettable cruise experience. With its array of global culinary delights, each meal becomes a journey of its own, while the vibrant entertainment options ensure that every evening is filled with melody and magic. The accommodation options, ranging from cosy interior cabins to luxurious suites, serve as private havens of comfort, ensuring that every moment onboard is one of relaxation and rejuvenation. Holland America Line’s Nieuw Statendam has truly mastered the art of cruising, offering a blend of sophistication, culture, and leisure that caters to the desires of every guest. Whether seeking culinary exploration, entertainment variety, or the tranquillity of a beautifully appointed stateroom, Nieuw Statendam has plenty to offer the most discerning of cruisers.

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