Preparing for Your Cruise on Nieuw Statendam

Embarking on a journey aboard Nieuw Statendam promises an array of enriching experiences, from the moment you step aboard to the last wave goodbye. To ensure a seamless and enjoyable voyage, a bit of preparation can go a long way. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your cruise aboard Nieuw Statendam:

Review and Reserve in Advance

Shore Excursions: Holland America Line offers a variety of shore excursions tailored to different interests and activity levels. Review the options in advance and book early to secure your spot-on popular tours.

Dining and Speciality Restaurants: While Nieuw Statendam boasts several great complimentary dining venues, its speciality restaurants provide unique culinary experiences. Reservations can fill up quickly, so consider booking ahead.

Spa Appointments: For those planning to indulge in spa treatments, booking in advance ensures you get your preferred times and treatments at the Greenhouse Spa & Salon. Nieuw Statendam has one of the best thermal suites at sea, you won’t want to miss out on this.

Pack Smart

Clothing: Pack according to your destinations’ climates and the ship’s dress codes. Remember to bring formal wear for gala nights, comfortable walking shoes for shore excursions, and swimwear for poolside lounging.

Essentials: Don’t forget to pack any necessary medications, chargers for your devices, and travel adapters. Plug sockets are US and European aboard Nieuw Statendam, with USB-A ports by the beds.

Documentation: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your return date. Also, check visa requirements for your destinations and have all necessary travel documents at hand.

Check-In Online

Complete online check-in via Holland America Line’s website. This process includes filling out your pre-cruise information, setting up a payment method for onboard expenses, and printing your boarding documents. Doing this in advance can save time and streamline your embarkation process.

Download Holland America’s Navigator App

The Navigator app allows you to manage your daily schedule, view the ship’s map, chat with fellow travellers, and check your onboard account. Downloading it before you board will help you stay organized and make the most of your time on the ship.

Familiarise Yourself with the Ship

Nieuw Statendam is a ship of both grandeur and complexity. Familiarising yourself with its layout and amenities beforehand can help you navigate the vessel more confidently from day one. You can find deck plans on Holland America Line’s website or in brochures.

Plan for Connectivity

If staying connected is important to you, consider purchasing a Wi-Fi package. Holland America offers various options, from social media access to premium internet plans. Decide what level of connectivity you’ll need and purchase a package accordingly.

Arrive a Day Early

If your departure port is far from home, arriving a day early can alleviate the stress of potential travel delays. It also gives you a chance to explore the departure city and start your vacation in a relaxed state of mind.

Set Budgets for Onboard and Shore Expenses

While much is included in your cruise fare, additional expenses like shore excursions, speciality dining, spa treatments, and onboard shopping can add up. Setting a budget for these extras can help you manage your spending and avoid post-cruise surprises.

By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth start to your cruise aboard Nieuw Statendam, leaving you free to immerse yourself in the delightful experiences that await you on this magnificent ship and its destinations.

Before You Book

Booking a cruise aboard Nieuw Statendam, promises a cruise filled with premium accommodations, exquisite dining, and enriching cultural experiences. To ensure that your voyage meets your expectations and provides you with the best possible experience, consider these tips before making your booking:

Determine the Best Time to Sail

Consider Seasonality: Research the best times to visit your desired destinations, taking into account weather conditions, peak tourist seasons, and regional events. Nieuw Statendam sails to various locales, each with its own optimal travel periods.

 Shoulder Seasons: Often, the best deals and fewer crowds are found during the shoulder seasons — the periods just before or after peak season.

Select the Right Stateroom

Stateroom Type: From cosy interior rooms to expansive suites with ocean views, choose a stateroom that fits your preferences and budget. Consider the benefits of each category, such as additional space, better locations, and exclusive amenities.

Location: Think about the location of your stateroom in relation to the ship’s amenities. If you are prone to seasickness, a mid-ship cabin on a lower deck may provide a smoother experience. If convenience is a priority, a cabin near elevators or on the same level as key facilities might be preferable.

Explore Dining Options

Specialty Dining: The Nieuw Statendam offers a range of dining options, including specialty restaurants like Pinnacle Grill and Tamarind. Review these options beforehand and consider making reservations for a special night out.

Dietary Requirements: If you have specific dietary needs, research the ship’s ability to accommodate these. Holland America Line is known for catering to various dietary preferences, but it’s wise to confirm this in advance.

Review Onboard Activities and Entertainment

Get an overview of the ship’s entertainment offerings, including live music venues, theatre shows, and enrichment programs. This will help you gauge whether the ship’s atmosphere and activity level suit your vacation style.

Understand the Package Deals

Have It All Package: Holland America offers package deals, like the “Have It All” fare, which includes shore excursions, a drink package, specialty dining, and Wi-Fi. Evaluate these packages to see if they provide value for your cruising style.

Drink and Wi-Fi Packages: Even if you don’t opt for a comprehensive package, consider whether individual drink or Wi-Fi packages could enhance your cruise experience.

Check the Cancellation Policy and Travel Insurance

Cancellation Policy: Understand the terms and conditions of your booking, including the cancellation policy. Knowing your options can provide peace of mind.

Travel Insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers cancellations, medical emergencies, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Plan Your Budget

While your cruise fare includes many amenities, additional expenses such as excursions, spa treatments, and gratuities can add up. Budget for these extras to avoid surprises.

Research Ports of Call

Spend some time learning about the ports you’ll be visiting. Knowing what you’d like to see and do can help you make the most of your time ashore, whether you book an excursion through Holland America or explore independently.

Consult Reviews and Seek Advice

Read reviews from past passengers of the Nieuw Statendam to get insights into their experiences. Cruise forums and travel agents can also offer valuable advice tailored to your interests and needs.

By considering these tips before booking your cruise on the Nieuw Statendam, you can tailor your experience to your personal preferences, ensuring a memorable and satisfying journey across the seas.


It’s evident that Holland America Line has meticulously crafted a vessel that epitomises the essence of premium cruising. With its luxurious accommodations, exquisite dining experiences, and an array of sophisticated entertainment options, Nieuw Statendam stands as a model of maritime elegance. The ship’s dedication to providing an enriching voyage is reflected in every detail, from the thoughtfully curated art collection that adorns its walls to the high-calibre musical performances that resonate through its venues.

Nieuw Statendam excels in offering a serene and refined atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for adults seeking a tranquil retreat or an immersive cultural journey across the seas. The onboard ambiance is one of quiet sophistication, where guests can revel in the pleasures of well-crafted cocktails, fine dining, and breathtaking ocean vistas.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that Nieuw Statendam’s offerings are tailored more towards adults, with less emphasis on family-oriented activities or amenities. While children are welcome and provisions are made to entertain younger guests, families might find the options limited compared to those provided by ships designed with a broader family appeal. The ship’s focus on adult passengers is reflected in its leisure and entertainment programs, which cater more to mature tastes and sensibilities.

In summary, Nieuw Statendam is a remarkable choice for those seeking a cruise experience that combines the luxury of modern amenities with the charm and elegance of traditional cruising. It’s a vessel where guests can indulge in a level of service and sophistication that justifies the investment, making each voyage not just a cruise, but a truly memorable experience. For adults looking to explore the world in style, away from the hustle and bustle of family-centric cruise ships, Nieuw Statendam offers an unparalleled opportunity to sail the high seas in unparalleled comfort and class, at a reasonable price point.

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