Getting the Best Deal

Securing the best deal on a cruise aboard Nieuw Statendam, requires a blend of timing, research, and flexibility. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or planning your first cruise, these tips and recommendations can help you navigate the booking process to ensure you get the most value out of your journey without compromising the quality of your experience.

Book Early or Last Minute: The best deals are often found at either end of the booking spectrum. Booking well in advance can secure you early bird discounts, promotional offers, and the widest choice of cabins. Conversely, last-minute bookings can also yield significant savings, as the cruise line aims to fill unsold cabins. However, this approach requires flexibility with travel dates and accommodations.

Monitor Sales and Promotions: Holland America Line frequently offers sales and promotions, including onboard credit, free upgrades, or discounted packages. Sign up for the cruise line’s newsletters and alerts to stay informed about these deals. Additionally, following reputable travel agents and Sail Away Magazine can provide you with timely information on flash sales and exclusive offers.

Consider Shoulder Season Cruises: The time of year can significantly impact cruise prices. Opting for shoulder season cruises — the periods just before or after the peak season — can offer the best of both worlds: fewer crowds and lower prices, without comprising on climate. Nieuw Statendam sails various itineraries, so researching the best times to visit each destination can help you pinpoint these cost-effective windows. 

Explore Different Cabin Options: While the allure of a spacious suite with ocean views is undeniable, choosing a lower-category cabin can dramatically reduce the cost of your cruise. Interior cabins or those with obstructed views offer the same access to the ship’s amenities and services but at a fraction of the price. Remember, the allure of the Nieuw Statendam lies in its onboard experiences and destinations, not just the cabin or suite.

Take Advantage of Package Deals: Look for package deals that include additional perks like dining experiences, beverage packages, or shore excursions. These bundles can offer substantial savings over purchasing each element separately. Evaluate what’s included to ensure it aligns with your preferences and intended activities onboard.

Travel in Groups: Booking as part of a group can unlock special rates and perks that aren’t available to individual travellers. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a wedding, or a getaway with friends, inquire about group discounts and benefits, which can include onboard credit, free photos, or even a free cabin depending on the size of your group.

Use a Travel Agent: Experienced travel agents can be invaluable in finding the best deals on cruises, often having access to exclusive offers not available to the general public. They can also provide personalised advice based on your preferences, assist with complex bookings, and advocate on your behalf if any issues arise.

Understanding Cruise Packages

Holland America Line, renowned for its premium cruise experiences, offers an array of packages designed to enhance your voyage aboard ships like Nieuw Statendam. These packages cater to various aspects of the cruise experience, from dining and drinks to internet access, providing guests with options to tailor their journey according to their preferences. Here’s an overview of the key packages, including the comprehensive Have It All package, which bundles several perks at a value:

Drink Packages

Signature Beverage Package: Includes a wide selection of wines, beers, spirits, cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages, sodas, and specialty coffees and teas. Typically covers beverages up to $11 each and includes a 15% service charge on all drinks. Signature Beverage Package costs around $55pp per day.

Elite Beverage Package: Expands on the Signature package by increasing the price limit per drink to $15 or less, covering more premium wines, spirits, and cocktails. Includes all the benefits of the Signature Beverage Package, with beverages up to $15 each, along with the 15% service charge. Elite Beverage Package costs $60pp per day.

Coca-Cola Package: Offers unlimited fountain sodas throughout the cruise. Served in a souvenir Coca-Cola cup. Costs $8pp per day.

Quench Package: Provides non-alcoholic beverages, including premium coffees and teas, bottled water, fresh juices, non-alcoholic cocktails, and sodas capped at 15 non-alcoholic drinks per day. Ideal for guests who prefer a wide range of refreshing drinks without alcohol, and costs $18pp per day.

WiFi Packages

Surf WiFi Package: Offers internet access which includes email, news, and sports websites, in addition to social media and messaging. Only available as part of the Have It All Package.

Premium WiFi Package: Provides faster internet speeds to support audio and messaging apps, and more advanced web browsing. Costs $34.99pp per day.

 Stream WiFi Package: Allows for streaming services, video calls, and high-speed browsing. The fastest internet package available with Holland America. Costs $45.99pp per day.

Dining Packages

Dining Package: Allows guests to pre-purchase meals at the ship’s specialty dining venues, such as Pinnacle Grill, Tamarind, Canaletto, and others, often at a discounted rate compared to dining a la carte. The exact number of meals included varies based on the package purchased, and the length of the cruise.

Have It All Package

Drink Package: A Signature Beverage Package is included, offering a comprehensive selection of beverages including wines, beers, spirits, cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages, sodas, and specialty coffees and teas. Typically covers beverages up to $11 each and includes a 15% service charge on all drinks.

Shore Excursions: Depending on the cruise length, one or more shore excursions are included, up to a certain value per tour.

6–9-night sailings: $100pp

10–20-night sailings: $200pp

21+-night sailings: $300pp

Specialty Dining: Typically includes one or more dinners at the ship’s specialty dining venues, depending on the cruise duration.

6-9-night sailings: 1 specialty dinner

10-20-night sailings: 2 specialty dinners

21+ night sailings: 3 specialty dinners

Wi-Fi: Provides a Surf Wi-Fi Package, allowing for a wide range of internet uses beyond social media and messaging.

These packages massively enhance the cruise experience by offering convenience and value, allowing guests to enjoy a variety of services and amenities at a bundled price. The Have It All Package is one of the best value, and most comprehensive inclusive packages in the cruise industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Holland America Line implements a daily Hotel Service Charge as an automatic way to simplify the tipping process for guests. This charge is applied to each guest’s onboard account daily.

The daily Hotel Service Charge varies depending on the type of accommodations. As of my last update, the charge is typically around $14.50 per person, per day for most cabins, and approximately $16.00 per person, per day for guests in suites. These amounts are subject to change, so it’s a good idea to check with Holland America Line directly for the most current rates. This can be removed or adjusted at Guest Services.

The dress code varies by dining venue. In the main dining room, evenings are typically classified as either smart casual or gala. Casual nights allow for comfortable, cruise-casual attire, while gala nights require more formal wear (e.g., dresses, suits, or formal trousers). Specialty restaurants may have their own dress codes, often leaning towards smart casual.

While Nieuw Statendam offers activities and spaces designed for younger guests, such as Club HAL for kids and The Loft for teenagers, it is worth noting that the ship’s facilities and programming might not be as extensive as those found on ships more specifically targeted towards families.

The cruise fare typically includes your accommodation, most meals onboard, entertainment, and access to many of the ship’s amenities and activities. Additional charges apply for specialty dining, certain beverages, spa services, shore excursions, and internet access.

Guests are allowed to bring a limited amount of wine or champagne onboard on embarkation day, subject to corkage fees if consumed in the ship’s dining areas. Additional alcohol purchased ashore or onboard will be stored and delivered to your cabin on the last day of the voyage.

Itineraries and Destinations

The Nieuw Statendam, a distinguished member of Holland America Line’s fleet, embarks on voyages to some of the most captivating destinations across the globe. Its itineraries are thoughtfully curated to offer guests a blend of iconic sights, cultural experiences, and natural wonders. From the enchanting waterways of Europe to the pristine beaches of the Caribbean, the Nieuw Statendam ensures every journey is as enriching as it is memorable. Here’s an overview of the key destinations visited by Nieuw Statendam:


The Nieuw Statendam sails through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, offering itineraries that range from eastern to western and southern Caribbean cruises. Guests can bask on the sun-soaked beaches of the Bahamas, explore the historic streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and dive into the vibrant underwater world of Cozumel, Mexico. Each island offers its unique blend of culture, cuisine, and stunning landscapes, making the Caribbean a perennial favourite among cruisers.


Europe’s diverse coastlines are a highlight of the Nieuw Statendam’s itineraries. In the Mediterranean, passengers can explore ancient ruins in Rome, admire the art and architecture of Barcelona, and enjoy the culinary delights of Athens. The ship also ventures into the Adriatic Sea, offering guests the chance to wander the labyrinthine streets of Dubrovnik and marvel at the beauty of Venice. Northern Europe cruises might include the breathtaking fjords of Norway, the historic ports of the Baltic Sea, including St. Petersburg, Russia, and the enchanting capitals of Scandinavia. From 2025, Nieuw Statendam will be sailing out of Dover, UK for her summer season – presenting an exciting opportunity for British cruisers to try Holland America for the first time.


For those who relish the romance of sea travel, the Nieuw Statendam’s transatlantic crossings are a nod to the golden age of ocean liners. These voyages often bridge seasons, taking guests from the autumnal hues of Europe to the springtime blooms of North America, or vice versa. Along the way, passengers can enjoy the ship’s full suite of amenities, attend enrichment programs, and relax with days at sea filled with panoramic ocean views.

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