Variety of Cabins on Nieuw Statendam

Aboard Nieuw Statendam, the selection of staterooms and suites exemplifies a commitment to comfort, elegance, and a touch of luxury, ensuring that every guest finds their perfect retreat at sea. Each accommodation option, from the inviting interior staterooms to the opulent Pinnacle Suites, has been thoughtfully designed with the traveller’s comfort and needs in mind. The interiors boast a harmonious blend of modern chic and traditional warmth, creating a welcoming atmosphere that feels both sophisticated and cosy.

Attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the luxurious bedding and spacious bathrooms to the thoughtful Elemis amenities and ample storage space, all designed to enhance the onboard experience. For those seeking an extra layer of indulgence, the suites offer expansive living areas, private balconies, and exclusive perks, providing the ultimate in cruising comfort.

Detailed Reviews of Stateroom & Suite Categories

Inside Staterooms

When you embark on a journey aboard Nieuw Statendam, guests selecting an Inside Stateroom are welcomed into a compact yet ingeniously designed space that maximises comfort and functionality within its 143 square feet. While these staterooms are indeed smaller than the industry average for an inside cabin (170-190 square feet), Holland America Line has skilfully addressed this with thoughtful design and clever use of space, ensuring that every inch contributes to a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Upon entering an Inside Stateroom, passengers are greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere, where soft lighting and tasteful decor create a cosy retreat from the bustling activities of the ship. The use of light colours and strategic lighting gives the illusion of a larger space, while modern furnishings and finishes add a touch of elegance.

The staterooms are equipped with Holland America Line’s signature Mariner’s Dream beds, offering a choice between one queen-size or two twin beds, ensuring a restful sleep with plush Euro-Top mattresses and fine linens.

Despite the compact size, these staterooms are remarkably well-equipped, featuring a flat-screen TV with interactive functionality which includes a large selection of complimentary movies on demand. You will also find ample storage options including a wardrobe and drawers, and a desk/vanity area that doubles as a workspace. The thoughtful inclusion of USB ports and European and American power sockets caters to the modern traveller’s need to stay connected and charge devices, whichever side of pond you are from.

The bathroom, though compact, is efficiently designed, providing a shower with glass door, washing line, toilet, and vanity with storage space for toiletries. Complimentary premium bath products by Elemis can also be found, along with soft towels, and a powerful hairdryer which is quite hard to come by in a hotel or cruise ship. This amenities together enhance the experience, ensuring that guests feel pampered and well cared for, even in the lowest grade of accommodation.

Guests in Inside Staterooms also benefit from Holland America Line’s exemplary service, with attentive stateroom stewards available to assist with any needs, ensuring a tidy room and fresh linens morning and night. Additionally, passengers have access to 24-hour room service, allowing for the enjoyment of meals and snacks in the comfort of their stateroom.

While the size of the Inside Staterooms on Nieuw Statendam may be smaller than the industry average, Holland America Line has meticulously crafted these spaces to ensure they do not compromise on comfort, luxury, or functionality. These staterooms represent an excellent value for passengers who prioritise immersive destination experiences and the rich array of onboard amenities and activities over the size of their accommodation. You will find 280 Inside Staterooms aboard Nieuw Statendam, which includes 11 much-larger Spa Staterooms, which measure up to 225 square feet.

Ocean View Staterooms

Ocean View Staterooms aboard Nieuw Statendam offer passengers a delightful blend of comfort and scenic beauty, inviting the majestic views of the sea right into their living space. With 115 of these staterooms available, with most measuring around 170 square feet, they present a cosy, intimate setting that meticulously utilises every inch to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay, despite being slightly smaller than the industry average for an inside cabin (180 square feet).

Upon entering an Ocean View Stateroom, guests are immediately drawn to the large window framing the ever-changing view of the ocean and ports. This window not only floods the room with natural light, making the space feel more open and airy, but also serves as a constant connection to the sea, enhancing the overall cruise experience. The thoughtful placement of the window, coupled with the room’s strategic layout, maximises the sense of space and allows for unobstructed views even from the comfort of the bed.

Speaking of comfort, the sleeping arrangements in these staterooms are nothing short of luxurious. Guests can expect Holland America Line’s signature Mariner’s Dream bed, configurable as either one queen or two twins, outfitted with plush Euro-Top mattresses and fine linens, promising a restful night’s sleep. Some larger Ocean View staterooms onboard feature a seating area with a small sofa, which provides a perfect nook for reading or enjoying a morning coffee with a view, as well as giving some of these staterooms the ability to accommodate up to 4 passengers. Make sure you check out deck plans to find out which Ocean View Staterooms are larger, and have the ability to accommodate a larger capacity.

Despite the staterooms’ compact footprint, storage is cleverly addressed with a variety of options, including a wardrobe, under-bed storage for luggage, and shelves and drawers for personal items. A desk or vanity area, equipped with a large mirror and ample lighting, doubles as a convenient workspace or dressing table, and includes both European and American power sockets as well as USB ports, catering to the digital needs of today’s travellers.

The private bathroom in an Ocean View Stateroom, though efficiently compact, is well-appointed with a shower, washing line, toilet, and vanity. It comes stocked with complimentary premium bath amenities by Elemis, which include hand soap, hand cream, conditioner, shampoo and body wash. You can also expect soft towels, and a hairdryer, contributing to a comfortable and convenient stay.

In terms of entertainment and connectivity, a flat-screen TV offers a selection of international channels, a wide selection of movies on demand, and ship information, while the room’s telephone and daily newsletter keep guests informed and connected with the ship’s activities and services. Ocean View Stateroom guests also benefit from Holland America Line’s attentive service, including a dedicated stateroom steward and access to 24-hour room service, ensuring any need is promptly met.

Choosing an Ocean View Stateroom on Nieuw Statendam means embracing a cosy, well-designed space that not only offers all the comforts of a premium hotel room but also adds the unparalleled experience of waking up to the world’s most beautiful seascapes each day. It’s an ideal choice for cruisers who value the views and connection to the sea as an essential part of their cruise experience, who don’t wish to stretch their budget to a Verandah Stateroom.

Verandah Staterooms

The Verandah Staterooms aboard Nieuw Statendam represent a harmonious blend of comfort, luxury, and breathtaking views, designed to enhance the cruising experience for those who value the privacy and pleasure of their own balcony at sea. With 748 such staterooms onboard, this category of accommodation is a testament to Holland America Line’s commitment to providing guests with an intimate yet expansive connection to the ocean’s ever-changing landscapes. Although the interior space of these staterooms is somewhat compact at around 180 square feet—slightly smaller than the industry average for an inside cabin (197 square feet) —the size of the private verandah at 50 square feet, is about average for a balcony on a modern cruise ship.

Upon entering a Verandah Stateroom, guests are greeted with a thoughtfully arranged interior that maximises space and comfort. The room’s decor is a blend of modern elegance and maritime tradition, with calming colour palettes and refined furnishings that create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. Central to the stateroom’s appeal is the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door, which not only bathes the room in natural light but also provides seamless access to your own private balcony, furnished with a table and chairs—perfect for enjoying a morning coffee or an evening cocktail while soaking in the panoramic sea views.

The sleeping area features Holland America Line’s signature Mariner’s Dream bed, offering the choice of one queen or two twin configurations, adorned with luxurious linens and a plush Euro-Top mattress, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Adjacent to the bed, a seating area with a sofa or armchair and coffee table offers additional space for relaxation or in-room dining.

Despite the stateroom’s modest size, storage solutions are abundant and cleverly integrated, including a wardrobe for hanging clothes, under-bed space for luggage, and various drawers and shelves scattered about the stateroom. A desk or vanity area provides a convenient space for personal grooming or catching up on correspondence, equipped with ample lighting, a mirror, and multiple power outlets (US and European) and USB ports to accommodate today’s tech-savvy travellers.

The bathroom, efficient in design, is well-appointed with a shower with glass door, washing line, toilet, and vanity. It is stocked with luxury Elemis toiletries, which include hand soap, hand cream, conditioner, shampoo, and body wash. You can also expect soft towels which are replenished morning and night, a hairdryer, adding a touch of luxury to the essentials.

Entertainment needs are well catered for with a large flat-screen Samsung TV offering a selection of international channels and complimentary movies on demand, alongside the ship’s information channel. Connectivity is further supported by the room’s telephone and the daily newsletter, which outlines the ship’s activities and facilities.

Service in Verandah Staterooms is attentive and personalised, with a dedicated stateroom steward to ensure the space is always pristine and comfortable, through morning makeup and nightly turndown. Guests also enjoy the convenience of 24-hour room service, allowing for a private dining experience on their balcony against the backdrop of the ocean’s vastness.

Choosing a Verandah Stateroom on Nieuw Statendam is ideal for those who desire a private outdoor space to complement their onboard experience. The combination of intimate interior comfort and the allure of a personal verandah offers a sanctuary at sea where guests can unwind in privacy, embraced by the sights and sounds of the ocean. While the interior space may challenge expectations in terms of size, the thoughtful design, luxurious appointments, and the exclusive balcony space more than compensate, providing a serene and memorable cruise experience.

Vista Suites

Vista Suites on Nieuw Statendam offer guests a heightened level of comfort and exclusivity, standing out as a preferred choice for those seeking a blend of the spaciousness and privileges of a suite with the intimate connection to the sea provided by a personal verandah. With 104 Vista Suites available, each covering an area of approximately 210 square feet, these accommodations are indeed more compact when compared to the mini suites of other cruise lines, such as the Royal-class ships with Princess Cruises (245 square feet). However, what they may lack in square footage, they more than make up for with their thoughtful design, luxurious amenities, and the added suite perks that enhance the cruise experience.

The interior of a Vista Suite is elegantly appointed, featuring contemporary decor, fine furnishings, and a soothing colour scheme that creates a serene and welcoming environment. The focal point of the suite is the large glass sliding door that frames the expansive views of the ocean and floods the room with natural light. This door leads out to the private verandah, measuring 50 square feet, which is furnished with comfortable seating and provides an intimate setting for guests to enjoy the fresh sea air and stunning views in privacy.

Sleeping arrangements in Vista Suites are generously appointed, with a Mariner’s Dream bed, which can be configured as one queen or two twins, draped in luxurious linens and a plush Euro-Top mattress to ensure a restful night. The seating area within the suite is spacious enough to include a sofa and coffee table, offering guests a comfortable space to relax or dine in-suite. These large sofas do covert into a bed, which allow this category of suite to accommodate up to 4 passengers if needed.

Despite the suite’s modest size, the designers have maximised the use of space to ensure ample storage, including a wardrobe for hanging clothes, under-bed storage for luggage, and multiple drawers and shelves for personal items. A desk or vanity area provides a practical space for guests to prepare for the day or evening, complete with a mirror, ample lighting, and convenient access to power outlets (US and European) and USB ports.

The bathroom in a Vista Suite is a step above those in standard staterooms, offering more space and enhanced amenities, including a bathtub-shower combination in most, premium bath products by Elemis, soft towels which are replenished morning and evening, and a hairdryer, adding an extra layer of comfort and luxury to the suite experience.

Entertainment and connectivity are well catered for, with a large Samsung flat-screen TV offering a wide selection of channels and complimentary movies on demand, as well as ship information. The suite also includes a telephone and receives a daily newsletter, keeping guests informed and connected with the ship’s array of activities and services.

Guests staying in a Vista Suite benefit from additional perks, including priority embarkation and disembarkation, a welcome bottle of sparkling wine, and enhanced room service options, making the suite experience even more special. Furthermore, the attentive service from a dedicated suite steward ensures that every need is met, from maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of the suite to assisting with any special requests.

While the Vista Suites on Nieuw Statendam may be smaller in comparison to similar accommodations on other cruise ships, they offer a compelling combination of luxury, comfort, and exclusive suite benefits, without costing a fortune. The intelligent design, coupled with the suite’s amenities and the added privileges, ensures that guests enjoy a memorable and comfortable cruise experience on Nieuw Statendam.

Signature Suites

Signature Suites aboard Nieuw Statendam present a luxurious and spacious option for passengers seeking enhanced comfort and style during their cruise. With only 14 such suites available, each meticulously designed to accommodate up to four guests, they offer an intimate and exclusive experience. While the interior space of 295 square feet may be considered modest in comparison to similar suite categories on other cruise lines, the Signature Suites cleverly maximise every inch to deliver a sense of spaciousness and luxury that belies their footprint.

Upon entering a Signature Suite, guests are immediately struck by the elegant decor and thoughtful layout. The living area is tastefully appointed with contemporary furnishings, including a comfortable sofa that doubles as a bed for additional guests, and a stylish seating area ideal for in-suite dining or relaxing with a book. The suite’s design incorporates rich textures and a warm, inviting colour palette, creating a tranquil environment where guests can unwind in comfort, after a busy and exciting day ashore.

The bedroom area features Holland America Line’s signature Mariner’s Dream bed, available as one queen or two twins, outfitted with luxurious linens and a plush Euro-Top mattress, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep. The bedroom is thoughtfully separated from the living area, providing privacy and a restful haven away from the suite’s social spaces. One of the standout features of the Signature Suites is the expansive balcony, measuring an impressive 85 square feet. This generous outdoor space is furnished with comfortable seating and offers magnificent views of the ocean and passing landscapes, providing guests with a private oasis to enjoy the fresh sea air and the tranquil beauty of their surroundings.

The suite’s bathroom is another highlight, offering more space than those found in standard staterooms or even the Vista Suites. It includes a large vanity, premium bath amenities by Elemis (hand soap, hand cream, conditioner, shampoo and body wash), a full-size whirlpool bath, and a separate shower, adding an extra touch of luxury to the suite experience.

In terms of entertainment and connectivity, the Signature Suites are well equipped with a flat-screen TV offering a variety of international channels and complimentary movies on demand, alongside the ship’s information channel. Guests also benefit from enhanced room service options, allowing them to make the most of their suite for private dining experiences.

Those staying in a Signature Suite enjoy a range of additional perks, including priority embarkation and disembarkation, and special in-suite amenities such as a welcome bottle of sparkling wine, fresh flowers, binoculars, pillow menu and a premium fruit basket, enhancing the sense of exclusivity and luxury.

Despite the relatively compact size compared to similar suites on other cruise lines, the Signature Suites on Nieuw Statendam manage to deliver an exceptional level of comfort, elegance, and exclusivity. The careful attention to detail in the design, the luxurious appointments, and the suite-specific perks make these accommodations a highly desirable choice for those looking to indulge in a more refined and personalised cruising experience.

Neptune Suites

Neptune Suites aboard Nieuw Statendam represent the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity, designed for discerning guests who desire spacious accommodation and elevated service. With 45 Neptune Suites available on the ship, each offering a generous 330 square feet of interior space, they are a sanctuary of comfort and style. The real highlight, however, is the expansive balcony each suite features, measuring an impressive 135 square feet, providing guests with a private outdoor haven to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and destinations visited.

Upon entering a Neptune Suite, guests are immediately struck by the sense of space and luxury. The suites are tastefully decorated with a sophisticated palette, high-quality and luxurious furnishings, and elegant touches that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The living area is spacious enough to entertain or relax in solitude, equipped with a comfortable sofa that converts into a bed, making these suites capable of accommodating up to four passengers. The living area features a coffee machine, and a large flat-screen Samsung TV with complimentary movies on demand, which add to the suite’s conveniences.

The sleeping area is distinguished by Holland America Line’s signature Mariner’s Dream bed, dressed in fine linens and a plush Euro-Top mattress, promising a night of restful sleep. The bed is complemented by bedside USB ports and reading lights, ensuring guests’ comfort and convenience. The Neptune Suites also boast a large dressing area with ample wardrobe space, providing plenty of storage for longer voyages, even if there are four people living in this suite.

The bathroom in a Neptune Suite is a luxurious retreat in itself, featuring a dual-sink vanity, a full-size whirlpool bath, and a separate shower, offering spa-like comfort and privacy. Premium bath amenities by Elemis (hand soap, hand cream, conditioner, shampoo and body wash), plush bathrobes, and slippers are provided, enhancing the pampering experience.

One of the most compelling features of the Neptune Suites is the exclusive access to the Neptune Lounge, a private oasis reserved for Neptune and Pinnacle Suite guests. The lounge offers a wide array of amenities, including a private concierge, comfortable seating, refreshments throughout the day, and workstations. This exclusive access ensures a personalised and enhanced cruising experience, adding a layer of luxury and convenience.

The expansive balcony, with its 135 square feet of outdoor space, is furnished with loungers and a dining table, making it an ideal spot for an alfresco breakfast, sunset cocktails, or simply soaking up the sun in a private setting. The panoramic views from the balcony serve as a constant reminder of the beauty of sea travel and the unique destinations the Nieuw Statendam visits.

In addition to the luxurious accommodations, exclusive access to Neptune Lounge, Neptune Suite guests enjoy a host of privileges, including priority embarkation and disembarkation, priority dining and seating arrangements including breakfast at Pinnacle Grill and lunch and dinner at Club Orange, as well as complimentary laundry services, among others. These benefits underscore Holland America Line’s commitment to delivering an exceptional level of service and attention to detail for its most discerning guests.

Overall, the Neptune Suites on the Nieuw Statendam offer a sublime blend of space, luxury, and exclusive benefits, making them an outstanding choice for those seeking the ultimate cruise experience. Whether travelling as a couple or a family, the Neptune Suites provide a sumptuous home away from home, where every need is anticipated and every comfort is provided.

Pinnacle Suites

The Pinnacle Suites aboard Nieuw Statendam are the epitome of cruising luxury, offering an unrivalled experience that combines expansive living spaces with exclusive amenities and personalised service. As the largest and most opulent accommodations on the ship, there are only two Pinnacle Suites available, making them a highly coveted option for those seeking the ultimate in comfort and elegance at sea. Each suite spans a lavish 970 square feet of interior space, designed to accommodate up to four guests with unparalleled sophistication.

Upon entering a Pinnacle Suite, guests are welcomed into a world of luxury that transcends the ordinary. The living area is sumptuously appointed, featuring a plush sofa that converts into a bed, armchairs, and a large dining table, perfect for hosting private dinners or enjoying relaxed in-suite dining. The decor is a testament to refined elegance, with tasteful artworks, rich fabrics, and a colour palette that soothes and impresses in equal measure. Floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors flood the space with natural light, leading out to an expansive 320 square foot balcony that offers breathtaking 180-degree views of the ocean and landscapes beyond. This outdoor oasis is furnished with loungers, a dining set, and even a private whirlpool, providing an exclusive retreat for sunbathing, entertaining, or simply enjoying the tranquillity of the sea.

The bedroom in a Pinnacle Suite is a sanctuary of composure, featuring Holland America Line’s signature Mariner’s Dream bed with a plush Euro-Top mattress, fine linens, and a choice of pillows, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. The room includes a second flat-screen TV, generous wardrobe space, and direct access to the balcony, allowing guests to wake up to the sight of the ocean’s expanse.

Luxury extends to the bathroom, which is akin to a private spa, equipped with a full-size whirlpool bath, a separate rain shower, dual vanities, and an array of premium bath products by Elemis (hand soap, hand cream, conditioner, shampoo and body wash). The inclusion of plush bathrobes and slippers adds a touch of indulgence to the bathing experience.

Guests of the Pinnacle Suites enjoy exclusive access to the Neptune Lounge, a private haven offering concierge service, refreshments, and a relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, suite guests benefit from a range of privileges that enhance their cruise experience, including priority embarkation, disembarkation, and tender service, complimentary laundry service, and priority dining and seating arrangements, which include breakfast at Pinnacle Grill, and lunch and evening dining at Club Orange.

The service in a Pinnacle Suite is exemplary, with a dedicated concierge and a personal suite steward to attend to guests’ every need, from unpacking luggage to making reservations for shore excursions or dining. This level of attention ensures that every aspect of the stay is seamless and enjoyable.

Choosing a Pinnacle Suite on Nieuw Statendam is more than just selecting a place to stay; it’s an investment in an extraordinary experience. These suites offer the space, luxury, and privacy of a high-end apartment at sea, coupled with exclusive benefits and services that cater to the most discerning travellers. For those seeking to celebrate a special occasion or simply wish to indulge in the pinnacle of cruising luxury, the Pinnacle Suites promise an unforgettable voyage filled with special moments and unparalleled pampering.

Highlight: Best Accommodation Option for Families

The Family Ocean View Staterooms aboard Nieuw Statendam are ingeniously designed accommodations that cater specifically to families or small groups seeking a comfortable, spacious base during their cruise journey. With 32 of these staterooms available on the ship, they represent a thoughtful solution for those travelling with up to five passengers, blending space, comfort, and practicality in a setting that is both welcoming and functional.

Measuring an expansive 220 square feet, the Family Ocean View Staterooms offer significantly more room than the standard Ocean View Staterooms (170 square feet). This extra space is ingeniously utilised to provide comfortable sleeping arrangements for all guests, featuring a combination of the ship’s signature Mariner’s Dream beds (which can be configured as either a queen or two twins), a sofa bed, and additional pullman beds that can be tucked away when not in use. This flexible sleeping setup ensures that each family member has their own comfortable space to rest, a crucial aspect for enjoying a relaxing and harmonious cruise holiday.

The focal point of these staterooms is the large ocean-view window, which floods the room with natural light and offers stunning views of the sea and ports of call. This window not only enhances the sense of spaciousness but also provides a dynamic, ever-changing backdrop to your family’s cruise experience, inviting the beauty of the ocean directly into your living space.

In terms of amenities, the Family Ocean View Staterooms are well-equipped to cater to the needs of family travellers. A sizeable Samsung flat-screen TV offers a wide range of entertainment options, ensuring that there are always age-appropriate shows, complimentary movies on demand, or music available for downtime. The stateroom also includes ample storage solutions, with wardrobes and drawers providing enough space for the entire family’s belongings, helping to keep the room organised and clutter-free.

The bathroom, designed with families in mind, is both functional and accommodating. It offers sufficient space for multiple users to get ready at the same time, a key feature for families needing to manage morning routines or prepare for evening activities efficiently. Premium bath amenities by Elemis (hand soap, hand cream, conditioner, shampoo, and body wash), soft towels, and a hairdryer are provided, adding a touch of luxury to the essentials.

Holland America Line understands that dining preferences can vary widely among family members, especially when travelling with children. As such, guests staying in Family Ocean View Staterooms benefit from flexible dining options, including the ability to make reservations at the ship’s diverse range of restaurants and access to 24-hour room service, ensuring that even the pickiest eaters can find something to enjoy.

One of the highlights of staying in a Family Ocean View Stateroom is the thoughtful attention to detail and the dedicated service provided by the stateroom attendants. Understanding the unique needs of families, they are on hand to assist with everything from organising the room to accommodate the sleeping arrangements best, to providing extra towels, or helping to plan the next day’s adventure.

In summary, the Family Ocean View Staterooms on Nieuw Statendam offer a superb option for families seeking comfort, space, and convenience. The thoughtful design, combined with Holland America Line’s signature service and amenities, ensures that families can enjoy a relaxed, enjoyable, and memorable cruising experience aboard Nieuw Statendam.

Tips for Choosing the Best Stateroom or Suite

Choosing the perfect stateroom or suite aboard Nieuw Statendam, Holland America Line’s elegant cruise ship, can significantly enhance your cruising experience. Here are some tips to help you select the best stateroom or suite that suits your preferences and needs:

Consider Your Budget

First and foremost, establish your budget. The range of accommodations on Nieuw Statendam varies significantly in price, from the more economical Inside Staterooms to the lavish Pinnacle Suites. Deciding on your budget upfront will help narrow down your options and focus your choice on what’s financially comfortable for you.

Think About Location

Location on the ship can greatly affect your experience. If you’re prone to seasickness, choosing a stateroom midship and on a lower deck can offer more stability. For those who prioritise convenience, consider a room near elevators or the ship’s main areas to reduce the need for long walks. However, if peace and quiet are paramount, look for staterooms away from high-traffic areas such as lounges, elevators, and the lido deck. It’s also advisable not to choose a cabin below the Lido Deck, as this can be the noisiest deck due to the high level of footfall on the deck above.

Decide on the Importance of a View

Determine how important a view is to you. If you dream of waking up to the ocean each morning, a Verandah Stateroom or an Ocean View Stateroom might be perfect. However, if the view is less important and you’d rather allocate your budget towards onboard experiences or excursions, an Inside Stateroom offers a cost-effective option without the premium for a window or balcony.

Evaluate the Need for Space

Space is a crucial factor, especially for longer voyages or when travelling with family or friends. If you need more room to spread out or are travelling in a group, consider upgrading to a suite. The Neptune and Pinnacle Suites not only offer more living space but also come with added perks like access to the Neptune Lounge, priority boarding, and concierge services, enhancing your overall experience.

Consider the Balcony Size

For many, the balcony is a sanctuary where they can enjoy private views and fresh sea air. If spending time on your balcony is a priority, compare the size and features of the balconies in Verandah Staterooms versus the suites. The expansive balconies in the Neptune and Pinnacle Suites provide ample space for dining al fresco or sunbathing in privacy.

Review the Amenities and Perks

Different categories offer different amenities and perks. If you value exclusive services, the suites on Nieuw Statendam come with a variety of added luxuries, including exclusive dining options, priority services, and larger bathroom facilities. Weigh these benefits against the cost to decide if a suite’s premium is worth it for your travel style.

Check the Deck Plans

Before making your final decision, study the ship’s deck plans available on Holland America Line’s website. This will give you a sense of the stateroom or suite’s location in relation to the ship’s amenities and help you visualise your choice.

Read Reviews and Seek Advice

Look for reviews from past passengers who have stayed in the type of stateroom or suite you’re considering. Their experiences can provide valuable insights and tips. Additionally, don’t hesitate to consult with a travel agent who specialises in cruises; they can offer personalised advice and might even snag you a deal or an upgrade.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select the stateroom or suite on Nieuw Statendam that best matches your preferences, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable cruising experience from start to finish.


Nieuw Statendam offers a diverse range of stateroom and suite options designed to cater to the varied preferences and needs of its guests. From the cosy and efficient Inside Staterooms to the luxurious and expansive Pinnacle Suites, each category of accommodation has been thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum comfort, functionality, and style.

For those seeking value and comfort without the need for exterior views, the Inside Staterooms provide a smart, well-appointed base. Moving up in terms of amenities and space, the Ocean View and Verandah Staterooms offer guests the added pleasure of sea views, with the latter featuring private balconies for an intimate connection with the ocean’s ever-changing scenery.

Families or groups travelling together will find the Family Ocean View Staterooms particularly appealing, offering extra space and flexible sleeping arrangements to comfortably accommodate up to five passengers, ensuring that everyone has their own comfortable spot to unwind after a day of adventure.

For guests desiring more space and exclusive benefits, the various suites on board — from the Vista and Signature Suites to the opulent Neptune and Pinnacle Suites — offer a significant step up in terms of luxury, space, and personalised service. These suites not only provide larger living areas and enhanced amenities but also grant access to exclusive areas like the Neptune Lounge, alongside priority services that elevate the cruising experience to new heights.

Regardless of the category chosen, all guests aboard Nieuw Statendam can expect to find accommodations that are meticulously maintained, elegantly decorated, and equipped with all the modern conveniences necessary for a comfortable and enjoyable voyage. Holland America Line’s commitment to excellence is evident in the attention to detail, from the luxurious Mariner’s Dream beds and premium linens to the thoughtful touches that make each stateroom or suite feel like a home away from home.

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