Aboard MSC Euribia, while the ship itself boasts an impressive array of facilities and entertainment options, the overall service quality frequently does not meet the same standard. Guests may find that the level of service can be inconsistent, with some experiencing less attentive and responsive care than you can expect on other big-ship cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean. Lets take a closer look at service aboard MSC Euribia.

Poolside Service

Aboard MSC Euribia, the service at the poolside areas, particularly around the bustling Atmosphere pool, can be a mixed experience, especially on sunny sea days when demand is at its peak. The Atmosphere pool area, one of the main hubs of activity on the ship during the day, is vast and lined with an impressive number of deck chairs, which can pose a challenge for the bar staff trying to provide timely and efficient service. Due to the sheer size of the area and the high volume of guests, service here can often be slow, with substantial waits for drink orders and staff appearing overwhelmed during peak times. On a port day, you can expect service to be much faster and efficient.

The best poolside service aboard MSC Euribia is undoubtedly found in the Solarium pool area. This more enclosed and sheltered part of the ship offers a more relaxed and controlled environment, which seems to facilitate better service. The Solarium provides a stark contrast to the Atmosphere pool in terms of both ambiance and service efficiency. Guests can expect quicker service here, with bar staff more readily available and responsive, making it a preferable option for those looking to enjoy a drink by the pool without the frustration of long waits.

Service on the MSC Yacht Club sundeck never fails to disappoint. Service and hospitality is also pretty impressive on the Top 19 sundeck for Aurea guests, which largely justifies its premium.

Bar Service

Onboard MSC Euribia, the bar service across the ship presents a varied experience, reflecting the challenges of managing a ship of its size and the high volume of guests onboard. Generally, the service at the bars can be underwhelming, with long waiting times and occasionally unfriendly, and unhelpful staff attitudes—issues that can detract from the overall cruise experience.

General Bar Service Across the Ship: Due to the enormity of MSC Euribia and its bustling nature, the bar service often struggles to keep up with demand. Guests might find themselves facing prolonged waits to get served, especially during peak times when bars are crowded. The sheer number of passengers can overwhelm the available staff, leading to delays and a service quality that might not always meet expectations. Additionally, the demeanour of the bar staff, while professional most of the time, may not always come across as friendly or welcoming, which could be a result of the high-pressure environment in which they operate.

Pockets of Exceptional Service: Despite these challenges, it is not entirely impossible to encounter pockets of friendly and attentive service. Certain areas of the ship, or perhaps specific members of the bar staff, do stand out for their efforts to deliver a better level of service, showcasing moments of warmth and efficiency that can enhance the guest experience. These instances, however, can feel sporadic and inconsistent, making them a pleasant surprise rather than a standard expectation.

Bar Service in the MSC Yacht Club: In the MSC Yacht Club, particularly the Top Sail Lounge, the bar service is typically more attentive and the staff friendlier compared to the rest of the ship. This area, designated for Yacht Club members, promises an elevated service experience in a more exclusive setting. However, even here, guests may encounter significant delays—waiting times of around 20 minutes for a drink are not unusual, which is disappointing given the premium nature of this class. Such wait times in what should be the most luxurious class onboard indicate that improvements could be made to align the service with the high standards that guests expect from a Yacht Club experience.

Restaurant Service

Aboard MSC Euribia, the disparity in restaurant service quality across different venues can significantly impact the dining experience, reflecting the challenges posed by the ship’s vast size and high passenger capacity.

Main Dining Rooms: In the main dining rooms like Aurora Boreal and Aurora Borealis, the strain of serving a large number of guests is palpable – this is evident by the duration of dinner service, between 5:45pm and 9:30pm. These dining rooms, designed to cater to the bulk of the ship’s passengers, often struggle with slow service and inconsistent quality. During peak dining times, guests may face extended wait times for their meals, and the staff, though working diligently, can appear overwhelmed by the sheer volume of diners. This often results in a dining experience that can feel rushed and impersonal, detracting from the pleasure of meal times and leaving many guests feeling underwhelmed and disappointed. The language barrier on MSC ships can also have an impact, with some crew not being as fluent in English and some other languages.

Speciality Restaurants: In contrast, the speciality restaurants aboard MSC Euribia offer a markedly different and more positive experience. These venues, including Kaito Sushi, Hola! Tacos & Cantina, and others, are generally smaller and cater to fewer guests at any one time, which allows for more attentive and personable service. At Kaito Sushi, for example, guests frequently report experiencing some of the friendliest service available on the ship. The staff in these restaurants are able to engage more with guests do to a more limited amount of tables, ensuring a pleasant and memorable dining experience. Wait times are noticeably shorter, and the atmosphere in these speciality venues is more relaxed and conducive to a leisurely meal.

Service Comparison: The service in speciality restaurants is more refined and attentive compared to the main dining rooms and Marketplace Buffet, suggesting that the lower density of seating and the focus on a more premium experience allow staff to maintain higher service standards. The difference is significant enough that guests looking for a more enjoyable dining experience are advised to consider the speciality dining options available aboard MSC Euribia.


Service aboard MSC Euribia presents a mixed experience, influenced largely by the ship’s considerable size and the vast number of guests it accommodates. While the ship offers a variety of amenities and activities designed to cater to diverse preferences, the quality of service across different sectors can vary significantly, impacting the overall guest experience.

In the main dining areas such as Aurora Boreal and Aurora Borealis, the service often struggles under the pressure of high demand, leading to noticeable delays and a rushed atmosphere that can detract from the dining experience. The sheer volume of guests these venues serve means that personal attention is limited, and the staff can appear overwhelmed during peak times.

Conversely, speciality restaurants aboard MSC Euribia such as Kaito Sushi and others exemplify a higher standard of service, characterised by more personal attention and noticeably quicker service. These venues, catering to fewer guests, allow staff to provide a more attentive and pleasant dining experience, which has been consistently praised by guests.

Bar service and general amenities around the ship also reflect this disparity. In busy common areas like the main pools and lounges, service can be slow, and securing staff attention might require patience. However, in more exclusive settings such as the MSC Yacht Club and smaller speciality bars, the service is significantly more refined and responsive.

For those considering a cruise on MSC Euribia, setting realistic expectations about service levels, particularly in the more crowded areas of the ship, will be crucial. Opting for speciality dining and taking advantage of less crowded times and venues can enhance the cruise experience significantly, aboard MSC Euribia.

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