Entertainment & Activities Overview

Aboard MSC Euribia, guests are treated to a rich and diverse array of entertainment options and activities, ensuring that every moment at sea is filled with excitement and enjoyment. From the thrilling Ocean Cay Water Park to the state-of-the-art F1 simulators and family-friendly bowling alleys, MSC Euribia offers something for every age and interest. The ship boasts a vibrant entertainment lineup that includes dazzling Broadway-style theatre shows, live music, and dance performances, keeping guests entertained well into the evening. For those seeking relaxation, the MSC Aurea Spa provides a serene escape with a range of treatments designed to rejuvenate the mind and body.

Daytime Activities on MSC Euribia

On MSC Euribia, the range of daytime activities ensures that guests have plentiful options to keep entertained, whether they seek adrenaline-fueled excitement or relaxation. However, these experiences come with varying costs, and it’s important for guests to consider these when planning their day.

F1 Simulator: For those who fancy themselves as racing drivers, the F1 Simulator offers an exciting and immersive experience. At approximately €11 per race for a 6-minute session, this activity provides a thrilling taste of Formula 1 racing. While this can be a fun splurge, frequent use could add up, so it’s worth budgeting for if you’re an enthusiast.

Bowling: The bowling alley on MSC Euribia is a great spot for family fun or a friendly competition. The cost is €25 for a 30-minute game or €45 for a 60-minute game, with shoe hire at an additional €2. While this provides a good hour of entertainment, it is pricier compared to similar leisure activities ashore.

Interactive XD Cinema and Hologate Blitz Virtual Reality: Each of these attractions is priced at €10 per person. The XD Cinema offers an interactive experience that can be a delightful escape for both kids and adults, while the Hologate Blitz brings virtual reality games that offer high-tech fun. Both options are reasonably priced for the unique experiences they provide.

MSC Aurea Spa: For relaxation seekers, the MSC Aurea Spa offers a pass for €40 per person, which includes access to the hydrotherapy pools and thermal suite. While the spa is well-equipped and offers a range of facilities, it can feel overcrowded and cramped, particularly during peak times. The accessibility of the hydrotherapy pools is also a concern, as there are no ladders or steps, which may restrict access for guests with limited mobility, and presents a slip hazard to anybody that uses them.

Pool Areas and Ocean Cay Water Park: The ship’s multiple pool areas and the expansive Ocean Cay Water Park provide ample opportunity for water-based fun. Access to these areas is generally included in the cruise fare, offering good value for families and water enthusiasts. The water park, with its slides and pools, is especially popular among younger guests and is a highlight of the onboard activities. You will also find a selection of hot tubs scattered around the outer decks, and there is the Solarium Pool with retractable roof for when the weather is adverse. Regrettably, the Solarium Pool is not adults only like many solarium pools with other cruise lines.

The Gym: The gym on MSC Euribia is well-equipped with modern fitness machines and free weights, providing an excellent facility for those looking to stay active during their cruise. Access to the gym is included in the cruise fare, making it a cost-effective option for fitness enthusiasts.

The Arcade: The Arcade is a hit with teenagers and those young at heart, featuring a variety of video games and classic arcade activities. Costs can vary depending on the game, so it’s worth setting a budget if you or your children plan to spend significant time here.

Pools and Water Activities on MSC Euribia

Aboard MSC Euribia, the range of water-based activities is extensive, catering to both those seeking relaxation and families looking for fun and adventure. Here is a detailed review of the water activities available:

Atmosphere Pool: The Atmosphere Pool serves as the main hub of aquatic activity on the ship. It is large and often bustling, ideal for those who enjoy a lively pool atmosphere. Surrounded by ample lounging areas and close to poolside bars, it’s a perfect spot for swimming or simply enjoying the sun. The pool area is well-maintained and spacious enough to accommodate a large number of guests, though it can get quite crowded during peak times. We also advise getting up early to secure a sun lounger in the shade of sun, whichever is your preference.

Horizon Pool: Located at the aft of the ship, the Horizon Pool offers stunning views of the ocean. It tends to be less crowded than the Atmosphere Pool, providing a more tranquil setting to relax and enjoy the scenery. This pool area transforms into a lovely spot in the evening with its mood lighting, making it a beautiful place to unwind after a day of activities.

Bamboo Pool (Solarium Pool): For those seeking a quieter and more protected environment, the Bamboo Pool in the solarium is an excellent choice. This covered pool area is ideal for swimming or lounging in any weather, offering a peaceful retreat from the busier parts of the ship. The temperature-controlled environment and the additional hot tubs make it a favourite spot for adults looking to relax.

Hot Tubs: Strategically placed around the main pool decks, the hot tubs on MSC Euribia are a popular choice for relaxation. They provide a warm and soothing escape, especially enjoyable during cooler days at sea. The hot tubs are generally well-maintained, though they can become quite busy during peak times.

MSC Aurea Spa: The spa features an extensive thermal area that includes access to the hydrotherapy pools. These facilities are superb for therapeutic relaxation and are complemented by various types of saunas and steam rooms designed to soothe and rejuvenate. However, the spa can feel overcrowded and somewhat cramped, particularly during sea days when many guests decide to visit. The lack of easy access into the hydrotherapy pools, without steps or a ladder, is a notable drawback, especially for guests with mobility issues.

Ocean Cay Water Park: This water park is a highlight for families and adventure-seekers, featuring a variety of slides, a splash pad for younger children, and multiple pools. It is well-designed to offer excitement for all age groups, making it a standout feature of MSC Euribia. The water park’s capacity to entertain is vast, and it’s brilliantly themed to enhance the fun atmosphere.

Fitness and Wellness Options on MSC Euribia

Onboard MSC Euribia, a plethora of fitness and wellbeing options cater to those who wish to maintain their health and fitness routine while enjoying their cruise. These facilities and activities are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of fitness levels and interests, ensuring guests have access to both rigorous exercise options and more relaxed wellness activities.

The Gym: MSC Euribia boasts a state-of-the-art gym equipped with a wide array of modern fitness equipment suitable for both strength training and cardiovascular workouts. The gym includes treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, and a selection of free weights and weight machines. Large windows allow natural light to flood the space, providing uplifting views of the ocean while working out. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the variety of equipment available, though during peak times, the gym can feel a bit crowded.

Group Fitness Classes: For those who prefer a structured workout session, MSC Euribia offers a range of group fitness classes. These include popular options such as yoga, Pilates, spin classes, and aerobics. Some classes are available at no extra cost, while others, particularly specialized sessions like yoga or Pilates, may require a fee. These classes are a great way to stay active and meet fellow passengers with similar fitness interests.

Sports Court: The sports court on the upper decks is a versatile area where guests can engage in team sports such as basketball, tennis, and volleyball. This area is especially popular with families and groups of friends looking to enjoy some friendly competition. The court is well-maintained and provides all necessary equipment, making it an excellent option for those looking to add some physical activity to their day.

Jogging Track: For runners and walkers, the jogging track on MSC Euribia offers a fantastic opportunity to exercise in the fresh air. The track is adequately marked and provides a safe and scenic environment for guests to jog or walk while enjoying the panoramic sea views. Early morning is typically the best time to use the track, as it is less crowded.

MSC Aurea Spa: The MSC Aurea Spa is a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation on board MSC Euribia. It offers a comprehensive menu of spa treatments, including massages, facials, body wraps, and beauty services. The spa also features a thermal area with saunas, steam rooms, and a thalassotherapy pool. While the spa provides a luxurious escape from the hustle and bustle of ship life, it can sometimes feel overcrowded, and the lack of easy access to some of the pools may be a concern for guests with mobility issues.

Outdoor Pools and Hot Tubs: For those looking to relax or enjoy a leisurely swim, the ship’s multiple outdoor pools and hot tubs are perfect. These areas offer a more laid-back approach to fitness and wellbeing, suitable for all ages and ideal for families.

Evening Entertainment

Evening entertainment aboard MSC Euribia offers a diverse array of options, ensuring there’s something to suit all tastes, whether you’re seeking lively performances, quiet music venues, or thrilling activities.

Theatre Entertainment: The ship’s Delphi Theatre hosts Broadway-style shows which, while visually impressive with vibrant costumes and energetic performances, have been noted to sometimes lack a clear storyline or narrative. While the production values are high, guests might find the shows a little baffling due to their ambiguous plots. Nonetheless, the talent and spectacle can still provide an enjoyable evening out for those looking to soak up a theatrical atmosphere.

Parties in Galleria Euribia: The heart of MSC Euribia’s nightlife is undoubtedly the Galleria Euribia, where parties and events bring the ship to life in the evenings. This central promenade hosts themed parties which are a highlight for many guests, featuring engaging music, dancing, and sometimes special performances. The vibrant energy and the stunning LED curved ceiling overhead make these parties a must-experience feature of night-time entertainment on this ship

Live Music in Bars and Lounges: For those who prefer a more laid-back evening, the bars and lounges across MSC Euribia offer live music spanning various genres. From jazz ensembles in a sophisticated setting to acoustic performances in cozier venues, the live music options provide a perfect backdrop for enjoying a cocktail or meeting new people. Each venue has its unique ambiance, offering a serene escape from the more bustling parts of the ship.

Late Night Dip: For a more relaxed experience, taking a late-night dip in one of the ship’s hot tubs or pools can be particularly enchanting. The pools are beautifully illuminated at night, providing a tranquil setting for unwinding under the stars. This can be a wonderfully serene way to end your day, especially after the sun has set and the crowds have thinned.

Entertainment Activities: For those looking for an adrenaline rush, the evening also offers opportunities to engage in more dynamic activities. The F1 Simulator and Bowling Alley remain open late into the night, offering thrilling fun that can be enjoyed alone or with a group. The Interactive XD Cinema and Hologate Blitz virtual reality are also fantastic choices for immersive entertainment experiences that draw guests into different worlds and adventures.

Activities for Families and Children

MSC Euribia is an outstanding choice for families, offering a vast array of activities designed to keep children and parents entertained throughout their voyage. The ship is practically a floating entertainment complex, with distractions and delights around every corner. However, families should be aware that while many activities are irresistible, they often come with additional costs that can accumulate significantly over the duration of a cruise.

Family and Children’s Activities:

Ocean Cay Water Park: This is a major highlight for families aboard MSC Euribia. The water park features exciting slides, a splash pad for younger children, and several pools, providing endless hours of fun for all age groups. It’s an ideal place for children to expend energy and for families to enjoy time together.

Doremiland: Catering to younger guests, Doremiland offers clubs for different age groups, from toddlers to teens. Each club has activities and games suited to the interests and ages of the children, facilitated by trained staff. This area is a safe and engaging space where kids can make friends and enjoy age-appropriate entertainment.

Family Workshops and Games: MSC Euribia hosts a variety of family-friendly workshops and games that allow families to engage in activities together. These might include arts and crafts sessions, family discos, and interactive game shows. These activities are designed to enhance family bonding and provide fun for everyone involved.

Sportplex: The Sportplex is a versatile sports arena where families can participate in sports like basketball and soccer. It’s a fantastic venue for active families and helps keep everyone fit and entertained.

Bowling Alley: The onboard bowling alley is a hit among families. It provides a fun, competitive way to spend an evening. However, at €25 for a 30-minute game or €45 for a 60-minute game, and an additional €2 for shoe hire, it can become a costly outing for a family.

Arcade and Gaming: For older children and teenagers, the arcade offers a variety of video games and virtual reality experiences. These high-energy activities are great for tech-savvy kids but remember that each game comes with a charge.

4D Cinema and F1 Simulator: For a unique experience, the 4D cinema and F1 Simulator offer immersive and thrilling adventures. However, at €10 for a cinema ticket and €11 per race in the simulator, frequent visits can quickly increase your onboard spending.

MSC Aurea Spa: While primarily catering to adults, the spa also offers services for younger guests. Spa visits can be a special treat for teenagers, but the costs here, too, should be monitored as they can add up. Expect an MSC Aurea Spa pass to cost around €40 pp per day.

Evaluation for Family Friendliness

MSC Euribia indeed offers an incredible array of activities that make it an ideal ship for families with children. The onboard offerings ensure that young guests are always entertained, engaged, and excited. However, parents should be mindful of the extra charges associated with many of the ship’s attractions. Keeping track of spending and perhaps setting a budget for additional activities at the start of the cruise can help manage expenses without compromising the fun. This awareness will allow families to enjoy all the excitement MSC Euribia has to offer without unexpected financial surprises at the end of their holiday.


MSC Euribia offers an impressive array of entertainment, activities, and amenities that cater to a diverse array of interests and ages, making it a standout choice for those seeking a cruise with abundant options for engagement and enjoyment. From thrilling water parks and high-tech simulators to serene spa facilities and vibrant live entertainment, the ship is packed with opportunities to make every moment of the voyage memorable.

The facilities on MSC Euribia, many of which come at an additional cost, are generally considered worth the expense. Specialised attractions like the F1 simulators, state-of-the-art gym, and expansive Ocean Cay Water Park offer unique experiences that can enhance your cruise experience significantly. The variety of dining venues, from casual eateries to upscale speciality restaurants, provides something to satisfy every palette, while the ship’s bars and lounges offer delightful spots to relax and socialise.

However, one significant downside to MSC Euribia is the issue of crowding and queues. With one of the lower passenger space ratios in the industry, at 28 ft³ per passenger, the ship can often feel cramped and overcrowded. This can lead to difficulties in booking popular venues, finding seats in bars and lounges, and even securing a spot to enjoy shows at the Delphi Theatre. Such congestion can detract from the otherwise enjoyable and varied onboard experience, particularly for those who prefer a more relaxed and spacious cruise environment.

In conclusion, while MSC Euribia is remarkable for the breadth and quality of its onboard entertainment and activity offerings, the experience of crowding can be a notable drawback. Guests considering this ship should be prepared for the possibility of queues and limited space, especially during peak times. Those who don’t mind the hustle and bustle will likely find the ship’s amenities well worth it, but those looking for a more tranquil or intimate cruise experience might find these issues off-putting.

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