Kathy @ Cruise Lowdown

Meet Kathy Taylor of “Cruise Lowdown”. Kathy brings a breath of fresh sea air to our reader’s horizons. Hailing from the vibrant heart of Greater London, Kathy combines her seasoned travel savvy with a pen poised to unveil the chic and modern nuances of cruising.

As a writer whose insights have seasoned the columns of various travel guides and training materials for the cruise industry, she casts a discerning eye on the latest maritime trends and luxuries that the open ocean has to offer. With her silent partner-in-crime, John, capturing the essence of each journey in striking imagery, Kathy’s contributions to Sail Away are not just articles; they’re your boarding passes to the reimagined world of cruising, inviting you to set sail on an adventure that promises style, substance, and sea-bound splendor. We’re delighted to have Kathy as a regular writer here at Sail Away!

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