Cruising with the 4bs

Introducing Cruising with the 4Bs, the ultimate family voyage diary where the Burrell’s —Rachael, Tom, Alice, and Ernest—invite you to sail the seven seas through their eyes! We’re not your ordinary holidaymakers; they’re a tight-knit crew who’ve traded hotel stays for staterooms and road trips for the rolling waves. Through YouTube and social media, they share their passion for the ocean, and their adventures on the decks and docks.

Whether it’s a serene sunset on the starboard side, the thrilling bustle of onboard activities, or the occasional stormy weather that tests their sea legs, they document it all. So, grab your life jackets, charge your cameras, and join them on YouTube and social media as you embark on a journey filled with laughter, learning, and the kind of family memories that are best made amidst the boundless blue.

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