Service & Hospitality Review of Celebrity Ascent

Celebrity Ascent, the latest addition to the esteemed Celebrity Cruises fleet, offers a blend of luxury, relaxation, and adventure to its guests. As we delve into the nuances of service aboard this magnificent vessel, it becomes apparent that while many aspects of the onboard experience shine, others may benefit from refinement and improvement.

Poolside Service

The poolside service aboard Celebrity Ascent leaves a bit to be desired when compared to the overall high standards the cruise line is known for. Guests lounging near the pools might find the service somewhat lacking, especially if they are not seated directly adjacent to a bar or the pool itself. The scarcity of bartenders patrolling the pool decks means that guests often have to get up and fetch their own drinks, disrupting the leisurely poolside experience they anticipate on a premium cruise. This aspect of service certainly could use enhancement, ensuring that all guests feel equally attended to, regardless of where they choose to relax around the pool areas onboard.

Bar Service

Moving indoors, the bar service on Celebrity Ascent shifts to a notably higher gear. The experience here is generally excellent, with staff quickly acknowledging new arrivals and taking drink orders with remarkable efficiency and speed. This prompt and attentive service ensures that guests can enjoy their beverages in a timely manner, enhancing the overall ambiance and satisfaction within the ship’s numerous bars. The contrast between the bar service and the poolside service is stark, showcasing the ship’s ability to offer exceptional hospitality, albeit inconsistently across different settings.

Restaurant Service

The culinary journey aboard Celebrity Ascent is a tale of two experiences. The service within the specialty restaurants is outstanding, creating an intimate and memorable dining experience for every guest. Staff in these venues are not only efficient but also add a personal touch to the service, making meals feel special and tailored to individual preferences. Service met expectations at all specialty restaurants onboard when accounting for each premium paid.

However, the main dining rooms tell a different story. Service here tends to be slower and more impersonal, lacking the finesse and attention to detail that characterises the specialty dining options. This inconsistency can be somewhat disappointing, especially for guests who expect the same level of service across all dining venues onboard. Comparatively, guests who have sailed with Celebrity Beyond might note that the service quality in the main dining rooms aboard Celebrity Ascent doesn’t quite meet the high standards set by its older sister.

In summary, while Celebrity Ascent dazzles with its bar service and specialty restaurant offerings, there’s a noticeable gap in the poolside service and main dining room experiences. Addressing these areas could significantly elevate the overall guest experience, aligning it more closely with the expectations set by other ships in the Celebrity fleet, and with rivals like Virgin Voyages and Holland America.

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