Service & Hospitality Akin to Luxury Cruising

Sailing aboard Celebrity Apex is akin to stepping into a realm where service excellence and meticulous attention to detail converge to craft a superlative cruising experience. As we traverse through the offerings of service aboard Celebrity Apex, from the inviting pool deck to the sophisticated ambiance of its bars and restaurants, it becomes clear that Celebrity Apex is dedicated to ensuring every guest feels valued and pampered.

Poolside Service

The poolside service on Celebrity Apex is a standout feature, setting a gold standard for what premium cruising should offer. Whether you’re soaking up the sun’s rays, enjoying a serene swim, or relaxing in the bubbling comfort of a hot tub, the attentive and ever-present staff ensure your every need is catered to. With a level of service that feels almost personalised, bartenders and servers are quick to take your drink order, allowing you to bask in relaxation without ever having to leave the water. This unwavering commitment to guest comfort highlights the ship’s philosophy of providing an uninterrupted and premium poolside experience.

Bar Service

The excellence in service seamlessly extends to the indoor bars across Celebrity Apex. The moment you choose to settle in, regardless of the bar’s theme or location within the ship, you’re greeted by staff ready to serve you with a smile. The efficiency with which orders are taken and delivered is nothing short of remarkable, ensuring that your time spent at any of the ship’s bars is as enjoyable as it is memorable. This level of attentiveness fosters a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making each bar visit a delightful experience where both the drinks and the service are of the highest calibre.

Restaurant Service

When it comes to dining, the specialty restaurants aboard Celebrity Apex are in a league of their own, offering not just exquisite culinary creations but also impeccable service. The staff in these dining venues excel at making every meal feel exclusive, with a personalised touch that adds to the overall gourmet experience. Their eagerness to accommodate dietary preferences and their knack for recommending dishes that delight the palette exemplify the ship’s commitment to culinary excellence and guest satisfaction.

However, the service experience in the main dining rooms, while competent, tends to lack the personal touch and promptness observed in the specialty restaurants. The slower pace and somewhat impersonal interaction contrast with the otherwise outstanding service standards onboard, indicating an area where there is room for improvement to ensure a consistently exceptional dining experience across all venues.


In essence, Celebrity Apex embodies a standard of cruising excellence, marked by a level of service that is both incredibly friendly and efficient. From the exceptional poolside service to the engaging bar experiences and the culinary delights offered in its restaurants, Celebrity Apex ensures that every aspect of the cruise experience is nothing short of extraordinary. The dedication and professionalism of the crew make every moment aboard the Celebrity Apex not just exceptional, but genuinely unforgettable, setting a benchmark for premium cruising that is hard to surpass.

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