Ambience, a name derived from the French word for ‘surrounding,’ emerges as the jewel in the crown of the Ambassador Cruise Line fleet. As the embodiment of their vision to craft the perfect onboard atmosphere, Ambassador Ambience offers a healthy blend of elegance, spaciousness, and intimacy.  With a capacity to host an average of 1,400 guests, this splendid vessel is meticulously configured to cater to individual comfort while fostering a sense of camaraderie among passengers. From west-end style theatre entertainment venues to a diverse array of dining options and a wealth of onboard amenities, Ambassador Ambience promises an enchanting journey that transcends the ordinary, setting a new standard for cruise experiences out of the UK.

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The Score Card.

Ship Interior

How wowed were we by the ship interior?

Ship Exterior

How striking is the exterior design of the ship?


How well maintained is the ship? Any rust? Any sign of damage?

Glitz & Glamour

How striking is the ship interior? Does it feel palatial?

WOW Factors

Wow facilities - such as bumper cars, ice rinks, luxury spas, sanctuaries etc


How friendly and efficient was service?

Cabin Amenities

How well appointed is the cabin? Interactive TV, sufficient plug sockets?

Cabin Service

How efficient was the cabin service?

Cabin Comfort

How comfortable was the bed?

Shop Variety

How large was the variety of shops onboard?

Shop Prices

How fair was the onboard pricing in the shops?

Drink Prices

How fair was onboard pricing when it comes to drinks?

Main Dining

How impressed were we with Main Dining?

Alfresco Dining

Variety of alfresco dining options onboard?

Speciality Variety

Variety of speciality restaurants onboard

Speciality Quality

Quality and standards of cuisine in the speciality dining venues

Speciality Prices

How fair were the prices of speciality restaurants?

Buffet Choice

How big was variety in the buffet restaurant onboard?

Buffet Quality

Quality of food in the buffet?


Choices for vegetarians, vegans and other dietary issues?

Overall Dining

Overall variety of dining options onboard?


How good was the variety and standard of entertainment onboard?

Pools & Hot Tubs

Variety and amount of pools and hot tubs onboard

Poolside Area

How well maintained were the poolside areas onboard?

Fitness Centre

How impressed were we with the gym and fitness area onboard?

Deck Furniture

Condition and variety of different deck furniture

Extra Activities

Mini Golf, Sports Court, Golf Simulator and other venues of that type


Sufficient amount of lifts? Average wait times?


Variety on sale, cost and standard of excursions sold

Spa Treatments

How fairly priced were spa treatments and products?

WiFi Cost

How fairly priced was WiFi onboard?


Were we kept informed by the bridge of developments and progress?


How impressive was the spa? Hydrotherapy pool, thermal suite?

WiFi Quality

How fast and efficient was the WIFI?


Children's facilities onboard

The App

Was there an app to improve a customers experience? Did it function well?


How smooth and fast was the embarkation process?


How smooth and fast was the disembarkation process?

Interactive TV

Was there an interactive TV in the cabins? Functionality?

Deck Freedom

Did the ship have a promenade? Could you walk to the front of the ship?


How easy is it to get a towel by the pool? Was there a towel station?

Value For Money

Overall value for money, considering all factors.

*A score of 0 means that this facility was not offered. Scores are generated by comparing to experiences with other cruise ships and cruise lines. These scores are based on our own opinion. The Cruise Ship Score below is generated from The Score Card.

Cruise Ship Score


Cruise Ship Score


Ship Name: Ambience
Operator: Ambassador Cruises
Port of Registry: Nassau
Cost: $276,000,000
Launched: March 1990
Tonnage: 70,285 GT
Length: 245.06m
Beam: 32m
Height: 56m
Passenger Decks: 16
Speed: 22.5 knots
Max Passengers: 1,400
Crew: 660
Crew to Passenger Ratio: 1:2.15

Ambassador Cruise Line is a British cruise line headquartered in Purfleet, England. The company tailors towards budget no-fly cruises out of the UK, which target the adult cruise market in Great Britain. Ambassador operates out of 8 ports around the UK including London Tilbury, Newcastle, Dundee, Edinburgh Leith, Bristol, Falmouth, Liverpool and Belfast.

Best Suited For

  • Couples without children
  • Those that appreciate a quiet and relaxing cruise experience
  • Those seeking a more premium experience on a budget
  • Those who wish to cruise from the UK
  • Those that appreciate a cruise line geared to British tastes

Not Suited For

  • Families with children
  • Those that like waterparks, waterslides and ice skating etc
  • Those that like a lively ship
  • Those that don’t like paying much for drinks
  • Cruisers with an onboard-budget