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Meet the brilliant minds behind Sail Away Magazine which make this publication so special. Our Writers are the reason why Sail Away stands as the world’s fastest-growing cruise magazine. Here, we proudly showcase the talented individuals whose engaging stories, insightful reviews, and invaluable advice have captivated our readers and propelled Sail Away Magazine to the forefront of cruise journalism. From seasoned maritime veterans to fresh voices in travel writing, our diverse team brings a wealth of experience and passion to every article, feature, and issue. Discover the faces and stories behind our content, each contributing uniquely to our mission of exploring the wonders of cruising. Whether they’re regular contributors or have featured in our pages, our writers’ dedication to delivering exceptional narratives makes Sail Away Magazine your trusted companion for when you are on a cruise, or just dreaming of cruising while at home! 

Kathy @ Cruise Lowdown

Meet Kathy Taylor of "Cruise Lowdown". Kathy brings a breath of fresh sea air to our reader's horizons. Hailing from the vibrant heart of…

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Cruising with the 4bs - Sail Away Magazine

Cruising with the 4bs

Introducing Cruising with the 4Bs, the ultimate family voyage diary where the Burrell's —Rachael, Tom, Alice, and Ernest—invite you to sail…

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Jenny Cookman, Travel Counsellors - Sail Away Magazine

Jenny Cookman

Meet Jenny Cookman, our esteemed River Cruise Expert at Sail Away Magazine. With a passion for exploring the world's most enchanting…

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Vitamin Sea UK

Vitamin Sea UK, a vibrant and beloved writing duo at Sail Away Magazine, have captivated a dedicated following with their lively and…

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Tom and Dom Travel - Sail Away Magazine

Tom and Dom Travel

Renowned for their dynamic presence on YouTube and social media, Tom and Dom have rapidly emerged as one of the UK's most popular cruise…

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Crossey Travellers - Sail Away Magazine

Crossey Travellers

Jan and Steve Cross, the dynamic duo behind Crossey Travellers, epitomize the spirit of adventure and the love of cruising. As seasoned…

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Captain Kate McCue and Bug Naked

Captain Kate McCue

In our exclusive interview with the trailblazing Captain Kate McCue, featured in the December 2023 and Jan/Feb 2024 editions of Sail Away…

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Stephen Payne OBE - Sail Away Magazine

Stephen Payne OBE

In the January/February 2024 edition of Sail Away Magazine, we were proud to feature an exclusive interview with Stephen Payne OBE, the…

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Ever After Adventures - Sail Away Magazine

Ever After Adventures

Ever After Adventures are a charming British family of content creators who share a deep affection for all things Disney and cruises. As a…

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Paul and Carole Love to Travel - Sail Away Magazine

Paul and Carole Love to Travel

Paul and Carole Love to Travel are a British duo celebrated for their infectious enthusiasm and invaluable insights into the world of…

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Cruising Colemans - Sail Away Magazine

Cruising Colemans

Cruising Colemans, spearheaded by Sabina and Anthony, are rapidly carving out a niche for themselves within the UK cruise community on…

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Dan and Jay's Cruise Blog

Dan and Jay's Blog

Welcome to Dan and Jay's Blog —your compass to navigating the vast and vibrant world of cruising, through the eyes of our seasoned voyagers, Dan and Jay. From hidden gems on the high seas to the ultimate cruise hacks, our dynamic duo dive deep to bring you firsthand stories, reviews, and tips that sail beyond the ordinary.