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Discover The Magic of River Cruising

River cruising embodies a sublime fusion of beauty and elegance, offering travellers a captivating journey through some of the world’s most picturesque landscapes. Glide along tranquil waterways, framed by verdant hillsides, charming villages, and historic landmarks, as the gentle rhythm of the river sets the pace for relaxation and exploration. Onboard, indulge in luxurious comforts and impeccable service, surrounded by opulent décor and panoramic views. Whether meandering along the romantic Rhine, the majestic Danube, or the enchanting Douro, every moment on a river cruise exudes a sense of timeless grace and enchantment, promising an unforgettable experience that captivates the senses and nourishes the soul.


VIVA Cruises: Where Value Meets Luxury

Nestled among the giants of the river cruise industry, VIVA Cruise emerges as a hidden gem, offering discerning travellers an unparalleled blend of luxury and value. As you step into the staterooms and suites of VIVA One, you're immediately struck by their stunning elegance. Practicable, comfortable, and far excelling the grandeur of ocean-going cruise ships, these accommodations set a new standard for river cruising.

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Intimate Exploration

River cruising offers a unique opportunity to explore destinations in a more intimate and immersive way. Unlike ocean cruises, river ships can navigate narrow waterways, allowing travelers to dock right in the heart of historic cities, charming towns, and scenic villages, providing unparalleled access to cultural landmarks and local experiences.

Luxurious Comfort

Despite their smaller size, river cruise ships are renowned for their luxurious staterooms, suites and amenities. From elegantly appointed staterooms and suites to gourmet dining options and onboard spas, travellers can indulge in a world of comfort and sophistication as they journey along tranquil waterways. Sounds splendid doesn't it!

All-Inclusive Experience

Many river cruise lines offer all-inclusive packages, covering meals, drinks, shore excursions, and even Wi-Fi, providing travellers with peace of mind and eliminating the hassle of constantly reaching for their wallets. This inclusive approach allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the experience without worrying about additional costs, and adds to that luxurious comfort.

Scenic Views

One of the most enchanting aspects of river cruising is the ever-changing scenery that unfolds outside your window or balcony. Whether you're gliding past vineyard-covered hillsides, medieval castles perched on cliffs, or picturesque countryside dotted with charming cottages, every moment offers a postcard-perfect vista that captures the imagination.

Cultural Enrichment

River cruises often feature onboard enrichment programs, including lectures, cooking demonstrations, and performances by local musicians, providing travellers with insights into the history, and traditions of the regions they visit. Additionally, shore excursions led by guides offer the chance to delve deeper into each destination's heritage and culture.

Relaxed Pace

Unlike the frenetic pace of land-based travel, river cruising offers a more relaxed and leisurely way to explore the world. With fewer crowds and a slower tempo, travellers can unwind on deck with a book, soak in panoramic views from the ship's lounge, or simply savour moments of tranquility as they drift along gentle waters, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Cruise ships at sunset on Danube river
Ocean vs River Cruising

The Distinct Charms of Ocean and River Cruising

Ocean cruising offers vast horizons, endless sea views, and the excitement of exploring distant shores and exotic ports of call. It's a grand adventure filled with onboard entertainment, expansive amenities, and the thrill of crossing vast oceans. On the other hand, river cruising offers intimate exploration, picturesque landscapes, and cultural immersion. Travellers can dock in the heart of historic cities, charming towns, and scenic villages, enjoying personalised experiences and a more relaxed pace of travel.

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