Embark on a journey of discovery and bespoke luxury with SAGA Cruises through Sail Away Magazine, your ultimate guide to one of Britain's premier boutique cruise lines. SAGA Cruises specialises in creating refined and tailored cruise experiences for the discerning traveller, offering a unique blend of adventure, comfort, and British elegance. Our dedicated SAGA Cruises page is stocked with insightful cruise blogs, captivating YouTube videos, and expert advice, all aimed at highlighting the intimate, exclusive nature of SAGA's voyages. Discover other British Cruise Lines here!

  • Small fleet, small ships
  • Traditional atmosphere
  • Adult-only ships, exclusively for over 50's
  • Classic ships with high crew to passenger ratio
  • Fantastic Service
  • Exceptional Inclusive Dining
  • Cruise from UK
  • Inclusive cruising
  • Expensive cruise fares
  • Impossible for younger cruises to book
  • Exclusively for British citizens
  • No inside cabins available

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