The MSC Cruises page at Sail Away Magazine is your compass to discovering the vibrant and stylish cruising experience offered by one of the world’s leading budget, big ship cruise lines. MSC Cruises brings to life the charm and sophistication of the Italian cruising experience, offering a wide array of destinations across the globe, from the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean to the exotic landscapes of the Caribbean and beyond. Our dedicated MSC Cruises page is brimming with cruise content, including thorough reviews, engaging blogs, and expert advice, all aimed at providing you with insights into MSC’s unique blend of contemporary design, rich culinary traditions, and dynamic entertainment options. MSC Cruises isn't for everyone, why not consider Holland America!

  • Modern cruise fleet
  • Cruises out of the UK
  • Diverse cruise itineraries
  • Broad range of onboard passenger amenities, including world firsts
  • MSC Yacht Club for those seeking a more premium cruise experience
  • Good variety of Extra Charge Dining Options
  • Busy and crowded cruise ships
  • Slow and inefficient onboard service
  • Mixed reviews on food quality
  • Language barriers
  • Up-charging and additional costs are prevalent
  • Yacht Club is sold as a luxury experience, but it falls short in many areas

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