Set sail on a quintessentially British voyage with Fred Olsen Cruises. Sail Away Magazine is your compass to navigating the personalised and intimate cruise experience offered by one of the UK's most cherished cruise lines. Fred Olsen Cruises is renowned for its friendly atmosphere, smaller-sized ships, and itineraries that reach the heart of each destination. Our dedicated Fred Olsen Cruises page is your gateway to discovering the unique charm and attentive service that make Fred Olsen a favourite among British cruisers. Here, you'll find a wealth of cruise content, including detailed reviews, engaging blogs, and expert advice, all designed to help you explore the world with Fred Olsen's signature blend of comfort and adventure. If you love Fred Olsen Cruises, you may want to consider Ambassador Cruise Line!

  • Small and traditional cruise ships
  • Personal service
  • Creative and immersive cruise itineraries, visiting less frequented ports
  • Affordable cruise fares
  • Reasonable onboard pricing
  • Norwegian Cruise Experts
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Expensive cruise fares on balcony cabins and suites
  • Average cruise rating of 3.7 out of 5
  • Lacking onboard amenities compared to larger mainstream cruise lines
  • Reports of slow embarkation and disembarkation

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