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Ryansea: The Ryanair-Themed Cruise Ship

A Dream Cruise Ship Through The World Of AI

Welcome aboard Ryansea, the no-frills cruise experience designed for the budget-conscious traveller. Mirroring the economical approach of its sister company, Ryanair, Ryansea offers a straightforward, value-focused maritime adventure. With basic accommodations, a simple one-choice dining option, and minimal extras, this ship prioritises affordability and functionality, allowing you to explore the seas without the hefty price tag. Perfect for those who seek a cruise experience focused on stunning destinations and simple pleasures, Ryansea is your gateway to the open ocean, without the usual cruise ship extravagance. To check out real cruise ships, just click here!

Ryanair Cruise Ship, called Ryansea - Generated by AI
Credit: Ryanair Cruise Ship, called Ryansea – Generated by AI

Design & Ambience

Step aboard Ryansea and immerse yourself in a design ethos that champions practicality and efficiency, hallmarks of its sister brand, Ryanair. The ship’s interiors are characterised by a no-nonsense aesthetic, with a colour palette of bright yellow and navy blue that reflects the company’s branding. The ambiance onboard is unpretentious and welcoming, focused on providing a comfortable environment without the opulence typically associated with cruise travel. This approach ensures that every element of the ship, from the basic yet cosy cabins to the functional communal spaces, contributes to an atmosphere that’s both budget-friendly and pleasantly straightforward.

Ryanair Cruise Ship Atrium, called Ryansea - Generated by AI
Credit: Ryanair Cruise Ship Atrium, called Ryansea – Generated by AI


Onboard Ryansea, the cabins epitomise minimalist design, tailored for the economical traveller. With over 3,214 cabins, each space is efficiently laid out to maximise comfort without excess. The cabins are equipped with ample storage and a television that plays Ryanair adverts continuously. For those wishing to indulge in a movie, a nominal fee of £20 is required. Uniquely, none of the cabins include private bathrooms; instead, passengers share 121 communal bathrooms distributed throughout the ship. This arrangement is a nod to the no-frills ethos of Ryansea, ensuring the focus remains on affordability and simplicity. With such a setup, one might appreciate the menu at the O’Leary Restaurant steering clear of curries.

Ryanair Cruise Ship Cabins - Generated by AIRyanair Cruise Ship Cabins - Generated by AI
Credit: Ryanair Cruise Ship Cabins – Generated by AI

Restaurants & Dining

Dining aboard Ryansea is straightforward and streamlined, centred around the singular O’Leary Restaurant. This singular dining venue allows the ship to maximise deck space for additional cabins, aligning with the cruise line’s budget-friendly ethos. The restaurant offers a variety of basic, satisfying meals in a cafeteria-style setting, reflecting the no-frills approach of its airline counterpart.

For more casual dining options, vending machines are strategically placed in every corridor, providing snacks and drinks around the clock. Additionally, for those preferring to dine in the privacy of their cabin, room service is available. This service carries a £25 tray charge, maintaining the ship’s principle of offering essential services while prioritising cost-efficiency. This model ensures that all guests have access to food and refreshments without the lavishness typically associated with cruise ship dining.

Ryanair Cruise Ship O'Leary Restaurant - Generated by AI
Credit: Ryanair Cruise Ship O’Leary Restaurant – Generated by AI

Things to Do

Onboard Ryansea, activities and entertainment are curated to complement its budget-friendly philosophy. Guests can enjoy two swimming pools and hot tubs, perfect for relaxation and soaking up the sea views. The ship’s entertainment is primarily hosted in the sole theatre, which stages three evening shows to ensure all guests have the opportunity to enjoy a performance during their voyage.

The absence of additional entertainment venues is a deliberate choice to maximise cabin space, aligning with the ship’s emphasis on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This limitation naturally encourages guests to explore alternative entertainment options such as purchasing movies on demand in their cabins. Additionally, the scarcity of venues increases patronage of the ship’s only bar and lounge, O’Leary’s Watering Hole, where guests can purchase drinks and socialise in a lively atmosphere.

Ryanair Cruise Ship O'Leary Theatre - Generated by AI
Credit: Ryanair Cruise Ship O’Leary Theatre – Generated by AI

Embark on McVoyager

Set sail on Ryansea and discover the unique charm of no-frills cruising at its finest. Here, you won’t be distracted by extravagant shows or lost in lavish spa facilities. Instead, you’ll have the rare chance to truly appreciate the open sea and the company of fellow budget-savvy travellers. Enjoy the simplicity of a single restaurant menu that’s easy to decide from, and the delight of sharing communal bathrooms that surely add a sprinkle of adventure to every trip. With such a focused approach to entertainment and amenities, you might find yourself inventively passing the time—perhaps becoming a connoisseur of Ryanair adverts or a seasoned expert in the shortest routes to the nearest vending machine. So why not embrace the quirks of Ryansea? It’s cruising with character, where every penny saved adds to the treasure of your travel tales.

Ryanair Cruise Ship, called Ryansea - Generated by AI
Credit: Ryanair Cruise Ship, called Ryansea – Generated by AI