Stomach Bug Outbreak aboard P&O Ventura. Many passengers forced to self-isolate!

Passengers aboard P&O Cruises vessel Ventura are currently isolating following an outbreak of a stomach bug. The ship, which departed from Southampton on 11 May, is on a two-week cruise around the Canary Islands.

P&O Ventura docked in Southampton, UK - © Copyright: Sail Away Magazine
Credit: P&O Ventura docked in Southampton, UK – © Copyright: Sail Away Magazine

Reports emerged of passengers experiencing “gastrointestinal symptoms,” prompting the cruise line to implement “enhanced” sanitation protocols. P&O Cruises has not disclosed the exact number of individuals affected but assured that comprehensive measures are in place to manage the situation.

On Friday, during a scheduled stop in Tenerife, Ventura underwent a further “enhanced and extended sanitisation.” A P&O spokesperson confirmed that additional precautions have been taken, including the closure of on-board launderettes and the cessation of self-service at the buffets. Despite these measures, the ship is not in lockdown.

The spokesperson highlighted that a “wide range of approved protocols” are being enforced. These include “constant and enhanced sanitation” efforts carried out by specialist teams and the isolation of those who are unwell.

“Ensuring the health and wellbeing of all guests and crew is our absolute priority,” the spokesperson emphasised.

As Ventura continues its voyage, passengers and crew are advised to adhere to the enhanced health measures to mitigate the spread of the illness and ensure a safe continuation of their journey.

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