You need to consider Ambassador Cruise Line, and here’s why!

Embarking on a cruise often presents a dilemma between choosing premium comforts and finding value. However, our recent voyage aboard Ambassador Cruise Line’s Ambition deftly married these concepts, delivering an experience that was as delightful as it was affordable.

Ambassador Ambition approaching Bristol, UK - Sail Away Magazine
Credit: Ambassador Ambition approaching Bristol, UK / Sail Away Magazine

Warm Welcomes and Personal Touches

From the instant we stepped aboard, Ambition distinguished itself with what could truly be considered “the friendliest welcome at sea.” This is not merely a slogan but a palpable part of the atmosphere that permeates every corner of the ship. The crew’s approach to service is not just professional; it’s profoundly heartfelt. Each staff member seems genuinely committed to ensuring every passenger feels valued and welcomed, from the moment they step onboard.

Ambassador Ambition Premium Suite - Sail Away Magazine
Credit: Ambassador Ambition Premium Suite / Sail Away Magazine

This level of attentiveness is rarely encountered, even on more luxurious lines, where despite higher fares, the personal connection can sometimes feel lacking. Ambition’s crew, however, delivers a personalised and prompt service that genuinely enhances the cruising experience, reflecting Ambassador Cruise Line’s commitment to excellence in hospitality.

Culinary Delights Without the Premium Price Tag

The dining options on Ambition are really quite good. The Buckingham Restaurant, our daily dining spot, consistently impressed us with its diverse menu offerings. The quality and variety of meals provided were remarkable, considering the cruise’s competitive pricing.

The ship’s specialty restaurants further elevated our culinary journey. Saffron, which serves up exquisite Indian cuisine, offered perhaps the best Indian meal we’ve enjoyed at sea, with a cover charge priced at just £16.95pp. Equally compelling was Lupino’s, named in memory of Michelle Lupino, a beloved member of the Ambassador team. This restaurant also operates by cover charge, priced at £14.95pp, and brings a slice of Italy to the high seas. Lupino’s blends quality with affordability in a way that honours Michelle’s heritage and memory.

Spicy Curries at Saffron Restaurant aboard Ambassador Ambition - Sail Away Magazine
Credit: Spicy Curries at Saffron Restaurant aboard Ambassador Ambition / Sail Away Magazine

Entertainment Aboard Ambition

Ambition’s entertainment repertoire catered to a broad range of preferences, ensuring lively and enjoyable evenings for all passengers. The Palladium Theatre played host to a variety of acts, from lavish West End-style shows to hilarious stand-up comedy routines, providing entertainment every night.

For a more subdued evening, the Pendennis Bar was our retreat of choice, offering a cosy ambiance where live music filled the air. This setting was ideal for enjoying the extensive drink menu, priced fairly, and making new friends, encapsulating the cruise’s convivial spirit and atmosphere.

Inclusive Luxuries and Serene Retreats

One of the most exceptional features of the Ambition is the inclusive access to the Green Sea Spa. Unlike on many other cruise lines, where spa access incurs an additional charge, here it is complimentary for all guests. The spa rivals those found on luxury liners, with facilities designed for supreme relaxation and rejuvenation.

Ambassador Ambition Hydrotherapy Pool - Sail Away Magazine
Credit: Ambassador Ambition Hydrotherapy Pool / Sail Away Magazine

Furthermore, the treatments available, such as a 90-minute massage for £139, offer incredible value. This approach not only enhances the relaxation experience but also exemplifies Ambassador’s commitment to providing extraordinary amenities without the extravagant price tag. Looking for a hydrotherapy pool? You’re in luck, you’ll find one outside on the pool deck.

Concluding Thoughts: A Voyage of Value and Delight

Our journey aboard Ambition was transformative, illustrating that exceptional service, great dining, and comprehensive amenities can be delivered at a great value. The personal touches, such as the tribute to Michelle Lupino and the ever-present, genuinely friendly service, create a unique atmosphere of warmth and inclusion that larger cruise lines often struggle to achieve.

As we disembarked, we were already looking forward to our next adventure with Ambassador Cruise Line, eager to relive the exceptional hospitality and incredible value they offer. It’s clear that Ambassador isn’t just another option in cruising—it’s a standout choice that promises memorable experiences and unbeatable value, particularly for those on something of a budget.

Ambassador Ambition approaching Bristol, UK - Sail Away Magazine
Credit: Ambassador Ambition approaching Bristol, UK / Sail Away Magazine

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