Rejuvenate with Celestyal’s New Spa Treatments

Celestyal Cruises is excited to announce an innovative addition to their onboard experiences with the introduction of a range of new spa and wellbeing treatments, aptly named the ‘Sozo Experience’. Available on the Celestyal Journey and Celestyal Discovery, these enhancements are designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, embracing the ancient Greek tradition of wellness.

Sozo Spa Experience - Celestyal Cruises
Credit: Sozo Spa Experience / Celestyal Cruises

The Sozo Spa’s New Offerings

The Sozo Spa has rolled out the Vie Collection of facial treatments, inspired by the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine. These cutting-edge options are designed in collaboration with renowned experts in the field, ensuring a luxury spa experience that rivals any high-end retreat:

  • Three-Dimension Wrinkle-Smoothing Densifying Treatment: A sophisticated alternative to Botox, this treatment targets wrinkles, offering a densifying effect that rejuvenates the skin’s appearance.
  • Pro-Collagen Lifting and Firming Treatment: This option combines a therapeutic massage with high-concentration products mimicking the effects of laser, LED, and micro-needling therapies, all aimed at enhancing skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Customisable Mesoforce Revitalising Plumping Treatment: Inspired by mesotherapy techniques, this treatment revitalizes and plumps the skin, offering a bespoke approach to facial care.

A Journey through Ayurvedic Healing

In addition to the innovative facial treatments, Celestyal introduces a series of Ayurvedic therapies. Drawing from the ancient Indian practice known for its holistic approach to health, these treatments include:

  • Ayurvedic Massages: From head massages to full-body treatments, these therapies are tailored to rejuvenate and align your body and spirit.
  • Kizhi Herbal Pouch Treatment: A therapeutic treatment using heated herbal pouches to soothe and relax the muscles.
  • Abhyanga Ayurvedic Oil Massage and More: Experience the deep relaxation and detoxification benefits of Ayurvedic oil massages and specialized treatments for specific needs like the lightweight leg massage.

Prices for these exclusive treatments range from €72 to €122 per person, which any avid cruiser will know offers incredible value for money – making wellness accessible to all aboard. 

Sozo Health Spa - Celestyal Cruises
Credit: Sozo Health Spa / Celestyal Cruises

Enhance Your Wellness with Superfood Smoothies

To complement the spa treatments, the Fig & Honey bar on board offers a selection of superfood smoothies, featuring exotic ingredients like Pink Pitaya and Blue Spirulina. These delicious and nutritious additions are perfect for guests looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle while indulging in the full cruise experience.

A Word from Celestyal’s Chief Commercial Officer

Lee Haslett, Celestyal’s Chief Commercial Officer, emphasized the importance of wellness in today’s cruising experience. He noted, “The additions to our Sozo Spa further elevate our exceptional onboard offering and align perfectly with our ‘wellbeing wanderer’ customer mindset, ensuring that our guests return home feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.”

Celestyal Discovery - Celestyal Cruises
Credit: Celestyal Discovery / Celestyal Cruises

More About Celestyal

An award-winning cruise line known for its unique Greek heritage, Celestyal Cruises offers an unmatched travel experience through the Greek Islands, the Adriatic, and the Arabian Gulf. With a commitment to personalized service and cultural immersion, Celestyal continues to be a leader in the cruise industry, welcoming a diverse clientele from over 130 different nationalities each year.

For more information about the new spa treatments or to book your next cruise, visit or call 0808 258 4170.

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