The Haunting of RMS Queen Mary

The Haunting of RMS Queen Mary: A Voyage into the Paranormal

Nestled in the bustling harbour of Long Beach, California, the RMS Queen Mary stands as a majestic monument to the golden age of ocean liners. Her history is rich, with a tapestry of stories that weave through the very fabric of time, connecting the past to the present. Yet, it’s not just the history of luxury and war that captivates visitors from around the globe; it’s the whispered tales of the supernatural, the eerie echoes of the past that linger in her halls, that draw the curious and the brave to explore her decks. In this blog, we’ll embark on a journey into the haunted heart of the RMS Queen Mary, uncovering the real anecdotes and accounts that make her one of the most haunted ships in the world.

The Haunting of RMS Queen Mary - Alik Griffin
Credit: The Haunting of RMS Queen Mary / Alik Griffin

A Brief History of the Queen Mary

Before delving into the spectral stories, let’s glance back at the history of this magnificent ship. The RMS Queen Mary was a marvel of her time, setting sail on her maiden voyage in 1936. She was the pinnacle of luxury, designed to transport passengers across the Atlantic in unparalleled comfort. However, the outbreak of World War II saw her transformed into a troopship, the “Grey Ghost,” carrying soldiers to the front lines. After the war, she resumed her role as a luxury liner until her retirement in 1967, when she found a permanent home in Long Beach.

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Ghostly Encounters on Board

The Queen Mary’s long and varied history is a fertile ground for ghostly tales. With a reported 150+ spirits roaming her rooms and corridors, paranormal enthusiasts and sceptics alike are drawn to explore her mysteries. Here are some of the most famous haunted locations and stories associated with the ship:

The Engine Room

The engine room, home to the infamous Door 13, is a hotspot for paranormal activity. It’s said that at least two men met their untimely deaths here, crushed by the heavy watertight doors during emergency drills. The most notable of these tragedies occurred in 1966, when a young crew member was fatally injured. Visitors and crew have reported seeing a figure dressed in dark clothing, believed to be the spirit of the unfortunate soul, near Door 13.

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Credit: Haunted Engine Room on RMS Queen Mary / Getty Images

Stateroom B340

Stateroom B340 has gained notoriety for its intense paranormal occurrences. Guests staying in this room have reported unexplained phenomena, such as lights turning on and off, taps running by themselves, and covers being pulled from beds. The room was so active that it was once closed to the public, but due to popular demand, it has been reopened for those brave enough to spend a night.

Haunted Cabin B340 on RMS Queen Mary - Travel + Leisure
Credit: Haunted Cabin B340 on RMS Queen Mary / Travel + Leisure

The First-Class Swimming Pool

The first-class swimming pool, now drained and no longer in use, is said to be haunted by the spirits of two women who reportedly drowned there during the ship’s voyages. Visitors have reported hearing splashing sounds, seeing wet footprints appear out of nowhere, and even witnessing apparitions in period swimming attire. The most famous ghost, that of a young girl named Jackie, is often heard giggling or calling out to her mother.

Haunted First-class Swimming Pool on RMS Queen Mary - Explore San Diego
Credit: Haunted First-class Swimming Pool on RMS Queen Mary / Explore San Diego

The Queen’s Salon

Once the ship’s first-class lounge, the Queen’s Salon is reputed to be haunted by the spirit of a beautiful young woman in an elegant white evening gown. She’s been seen dancing alone in the corners of the room or gazing out of the windows, lost in thought. Many believe she’s a remnant of the ship’s glamorous past, forever reliving her days of luxury and romance.

Haunted Queens Salon on RMS Queen Mary - Pintrest
Credit: Haunted Queens Salon on RMS Queen Mary / Pintrest

Personal Accounts and Eyewitness Testimonies

The accounts of paranormal activity on the Queen Mary are not just confined to lore and legend. Many visitors, staff members, and paranormal investigators have shared their own eerie experiences. From the sensation of being touched by unseen hands to the sound of ghostly footsteps following them, the stories add a chilling layer of authenticity to the ship’s haunted reputation.

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Credit: Haunted Corridor on RMS Queen Mary / Screen Rant

One night security officer recounted feeling an invisible presence pass through him, leaving him with a chilling coldness that he couldn’t shake off for hours. Another visitor spoke of capturing voices on their recorder when no one else was around, including the distinct sound of a child laughing in the deserted pool area.

Scientific Investigations

The RMS Queen Mary has been the subject of numerous paranormal investigations, attracting experts with sophisticated equipment aiming to capture evidence of the supernatural. These investigations have yielded intriguing results, including EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings of mysterious voices, thermal imaging capturing unexplained figures, and videos of shadowy apparitions. While skeptics may dismiss these findings, they provide compelling evidence for those who believe in the paranormal.

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Credit: RMS Queen Mary Long Beach, California / Getty Images

Conclusion: A Timeless Enigma

The RMS Queen Mary is more than just a retired ocean liner; she’s a floating repository of history, mystery, and the supernatural. Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of luxury, or a seeker of the supernatural, the Queen Mary offers something for everyone. The haunted tales and paranormal experiences shared by those who’ve walked her decks only add to her allure, making her a must-visit destination for those drawn to the mysteries of the past.

As night falls over Long Beach, the Queen Mary’s lights flicker on, casting a warm glow over her decks. But within her steel frame, shadows move, and whispers fill the air, a reminder of the souls who once called this ship home. The Haunting of RMS Queen Mary is not just a story; it’s an ongoing saga of the unexplained, inviting all who dare to step aboard and explore the unknown.