P&O Iona Cruise Ship Guide

P&O Iona Cruise Ship Guide

Welcome aboard P&O Iona, a marvel of modern cruise ship engineering and design. Launched in 2020, Iona is P&O Cruises’ most environmentally friendly ship, powered by liquefied natural gas. This guide will navigate you through the vast array of dining options, activities, cruise itineraries, cabin types, and the overall ambience of the vessel, ensuring your voyage is nothing short of memorable.

P&O Iona - P&O Cruises
Credit: P&O Iona / P&O Cruises

Dining Options

Complimentary Dining:

  • Main Dining Rooms: Iona features several main dining rooms, offering a range of British and international cuisines, with menus that change daily.
  • The Horizon Buffet: Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this buffet offers a plethora of choices for every palate, from hearty British classics to international dishes.
  • The Quays: A piazza offering a variety of casual dining options, from fish and chips at Hook, Line, and Vinegar to American-style street food.
  • Taste 360: Poolside fast food, included in your cruise fare.
Dinner at Main Dining on P&O Iona - Sail Away Magazine
Credit: Dinner at Main Dining on P&O Iona / Sail Away Magazine

Specialty Dining (at an additional cost):

  • The Epicurean: Indulge in a fine dining experience featuring British classics with a modern twist. Expect to pay around £28-£35 per person.
  • Sindhu: Offering a fusion of Indian and British cuisine, a meal here is a sensory experience. Costs approximately £20-£25 per person.
  • The Glass House: Perfect for wine enthusiasts, with pairings curated by experts. Tapas and small plates range from £4.50 to £12.
  • The Keel and Cow: A gastropub at sea offering hearty British fare. While most dishes are included, premium cuts might cost around £5-£10 extra.
  • The Olive Grove: Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on Italian and Greek dishes. Free, with some extra-charge options.
Tandoori Lobster at Sindhi - Sail Away Magazine
Credit: Tandoori Lobster at Sindhi / Sail Away Magazine

Activities and Entertainment

Iona is packed with activities and entertainment options to suit all ages and interests:

  • SkyDome: A revolutionary glass dome is the setting for relaxed days, lively afternoons, and enchanting evenings with spectacular entertainment.
  • Ocean Studios: Enjoy blockbuster movies and classic films in four cinema screens.
  • Headliners Theatre: Offering dynamic shows, musical performances, and comedy acts.
  • The Club House: Family-friendly by day, adult-oriented by night, it’s perfect for games and live entertainment.
  • Spa Treatments: Prices depend on the treatment type. A 50-minute massage typically costs around £70-£100, while facials start at £60.
SkyDome aboard P&O Iona - Sail Away Magazine
Credit: SkyDome aboard P&O Iona / Sail Away Magazine

Things to Do

  • Relax at the Oasis Spa: Featuring a thermal suite, hydrotherapy pools, and a range of treatments.
  • Take a Dip in the Pool: With 4 pools to choose from, including the breathtaking infinity pool at the aft.
  • Exercise at the Gym: State-of-the-art equipment and classes cater to all fitness levels.
Headliners Theatre on P&O Iona - Sail Away Magazine
Credit: Headliners Theatre on P&O Iona / Sail Away Magazine

Cruise Itineraries

Iona offers a variety of itineraries, focusing on the Norwegian Fjords, the Mediterranean, and the Canary Islands. Each destination is carefully selected to offer guests a blend of culture, adventure, and relaxation.

Cabins and Accommodation

  • Inside Cabins: Smart and well-designed, offering a comfortable retreat without a window or balcony.
  • Sea View Cabins: Offering a window for those who love to gaze at the ocean.
  • Balcony Cabins: The most popular choice, providing private outdoor space to enjoy the view.
  • Suites: Offering additional space, a separate living area, and enhanced amenities for a more luxurious experience.
Inside Cabin on P&O Iona - P&O Cruises
Credit: Inside Cabin on P&O Iona / P&O Cruises

General Feel and Ambience

Iona is designed to bring the outside in, with its spacious design and panoramic sea views. The ship’s ambience is relaxed and sociable, with a focus on British hospitality. It caters to a wide demographic, from families to couples and solo travellers, with activities and spaces designed for every age group.

Who Might Not Enjoy a Cruise on P&O Iona?

While Iona offers a broad appeal, it might not be the ideal choice for:

  • Those who prefer a smaller ship experience: Iona is one of the largest ships in the P&O fleet, carrying over 5,200 passengers. Guests looking for a more intimate or boutique cruising experience may find the size overwhelming.
  • Guests who dislike crowds: Given its size and passenger capacity, certain areas of the ship can become quite crowded, especially during peak times at popular venues.
  • Those seeking an ultra-premium or luxury cruise experience: While Iona offers a high standard of service and amenities, guests looking for an all-inclusive luxury cruise with all-suite accommodation and butler service may wish to explore more upscale options.
Adults Pool on P&O Iona - Sail Away Magazine
Credit: Adults Pool on P&O Iona / Sail Away Magazine

For those who delight in modern amenities, a vast selection of dining and entertainment, and the excitement of exploring new destinations with the conveniences of a large ship, P&O Iona presents an enticing voyage. However, for travellers who prefer the quietude of smaller vessels, the exclusivity of a luxury cruise, or who simply do not enjoy the hustle and bustle of a large ship, other cruising options may be more suitable.

Watch Our P&O Iona Full Ship Tour Below!

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