Celebrity Ascent Cruise Ship Review

Celebrity Ascent Cruise Ship Review: Another Great Ship from Celebrity Cruises, BUT No Better Than Celebrity Beyond!

Embarking upon the Celebrity Ascent, the latest jewel in Celebrity Cruises’ crown, conjures a blend of anticipation and high expectations. Following in the wake of its celebrated sister ship, Celebrity Beyond, Ascent promises an odyssey of luxury and cutting-edge design. This Celebrity Ascent Cruise Ship Review aims to delve deeply into the vessel’s offerings, dissecting whether it fulfils the lofty promises it makes.

Celebrity Ascent in Tortola, BVI - Sail Away Magazine
Credit: Celebrity Ascent in Tortola, BVI / Sail Away Magazine

First Impressions and Design Aesthetics

The moment one steps aboard the Celebrity Ascent, the ship’s design commands attention. Its exterior, a testament to modern naval architecture, is sleek and inviting. Inside, the elegance unfolds further. The Grand Atrium, a stunning three-story marvel, welcomes guests with an amalgamation of light and grandeur, setting a luxurious undertone for the entire journey.

Celebrity Ascent Grand Plaza - Sail Away Magazine
Credit: Celebrity Ascent’s Grand Plaza / Sail Away Magazine

Accommodations: Comfort Meets Innovation

Celebrity Ascent’s accommodation options cater to a spectrum of preferences, ranging from cosy interior cabins to sumptuous Retreat suites. A standout feature is the Infinite Veranda staterooms. These rooms redefine the balcony experience with a unique design but come with a caveat: in warmer climates, the lack of traditional balcony space and the air conditioning turning off when the window is opened can be less than ideal.

Alternatively, the Deluxe Porthole View with Veranda rooms provide a more conventional balcony experience, albeit with a smaller outdoor space. The cabins, a symphony of aesthetics and practicality, embody an efficient and stylish use of space. Every detail, from the clever power outlet box to the innovative floating desk, is designed with passenger comfort in mind.

Celebrity Ascent Infinite Veranda
Credit: Celebrity Ascent Infinite Veranda / Celebrity Cruises

Entertainment: A New Paradigm

Celebrity Ascent’s approach to entertainment deviates from the traditional cruise ship blueprint. The ship houses three major venues: the Theatre, Eden, and The Club. This focus on fewer, yet more immersive venues, contrasts with the larger bars and lounges of other ships, including those in the Solstice class. Instead, Ascent offers intimate spaces like the Craft & Social Bar, which provides a relaxed and refined setting for guests.

The ship’s design is distinctly outward-facing, encouraging entertainment in open-air settings, a feature particularly enjoyable in favourable weather. However, this design philosophy might not resonate with all, especially those who prefer the expansive indoor entertainment hubs common on other cruise liners.

The Theatre Aboard Celebrity Ascent
Credit: The Theatre Aboard Celebrity Ascent / Sail Away Magazine

Dining: A Culinary Expedition

Dining aboard the Celebrity Ascent is an eclectic journey. The ship boasts several themed main dining rooms, each offering a distinct culinary theme and ambiance. The attention to the quality and presentation of the cuisine is remarkable, reflecting a commitment to culinary excellence.

The speciality dining options are diverse, each providing a unique gastronomic adventure. However, it’s worth noting that some dining experiences, such as the Rooftop Garden Grill, may not fully justify their additional cost in comparison to the quality of cuisine offered.

Sushi at Raw On 5 aboard Celebrity Ascent
Credit: Sushi at Raw On 5 aboard Celebrity Ascent / Sail Away Magazine

Daytime Activities: Serenity and Leisure

The Celebrity Ascent is characterised by a more subdued daytime atmosphere compared to its contemporaries. It favours relaxation and low-key entertainment, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a tranquil escape. The spa stands out as a sanctuary of peace, though the absence of a hydropool is a surprising omission given the ship’s luxurious standing.

Celebrity Ascent Pool Deck - USA Today
Credit: Celebrity Ascent Pool Deck / USA Today

Family Focus vs. Adult Orientation

While the Celebrity Ascent offers amenities for younger guests, it predominantly caters to an adult audience. The limited children’s facilities suggest that the ship may not be the first choice for families, particularly when compared to more family-centric cruise lines.

Nightlife: Vibrant and Diverse

As evening descends, Celebrity Ascent transforms into a vibrant hub of nightlife. The bars, particularly the celebrated Martini Bar, buzz with an electrifying atmosphere, enhanced by exceptional live music. The theatre shows, leveraging cutting-edge technology and creative storytelling, are a testament to Celebrity Cruises’ commitment to unparalleled onboard entertainment.

Celebrity Ascent Pool Deck at Night
Credit: Celebrity Ascent Pool Deck at Night / Sail Away Magazine

Service: Exemplary and Attentive

The service on Celebrity Ascent is a blend of efficiency and warmth. It consistently delivers a high level of customer care, contributing significantly to the overall luxury experience, though it does not necessarily redefine the industry standard.

Beverage Selection: Diverse and Exquisite

The ship’s assortment of bars and lounges offers an extensive selection of beverages, catering to all tastes. However, the pricing of the beverage packages is on the higher side. The variety and quality of the offerings, from fine wines to crafted cocktails, are impressive and add a touch of refinement to the cruise experience.

Connectivity: Seamless yet Pricey

Staying connected on the Celebrity Ascent is straightforward, though the cost of internet packages is notably high. The available options provide reliable connectivity, essential for those wishing to share their cruise experiences or stay in touch with the world beyond the ship.

Staying Connected aboard Celebrity Ascent
Credit: Staying Connected aboard Celebrity Ascent / Celebrity Cruises

Concluding Thoughts

In sum, the Celebrity Ascent is a resplendent addition to the Celebrity Cruises fleet. It mirrors the high standards set by Celebrity Beyond and, in certain aspects, even surpasses them. The Ascent, while closely following the successful blueprint of its sister ship, continues to impress with its unique approach to cruise ship luxury. A voyage on the Celebrity Ascent is more than a journey; it’s a premium adventure that, despite its high cost, offers an experience that justifies every penny.

Celebrity Ascent - Sail Away Magazine
Credit: Celebrity Ascent in BVI / Sail Away Magazine

Our Celebrity Ascent Cruise Ship Review concludes that this vessel is a triumph of modern cruise ship design, delivering an experience that blends luxury, innovation, and quality. It’s a ship that, while it may not redefine the cruising experience, certainly elevates it to new heights, offering a voyage that is both memorable and exquisitely enjoyable. To see how beautiful Celebrity Ascent is, deck by deck, check out our Celebrity Ascent Full Ship Tour below, filmed in 6K Ultra HD!

Celebrity Ascent Full Ship Tour
Credit: Celebrity Ascent Full Ship Tour / Sail Away with Dan & Jay