The Remarkable Impact of ORCA on Our Marine Environment

The Remarkable Impact of ORCA on Our Marine Environment

And How Your Subscription to Sail Away Magazine Makes a Difference

The ocean is not just a vast expanse of water; it’s a dynamic, living entity that supports an incredible diversity of life. However, this vital ecosystem faces numerous threats, from pollution to climate change. Amidst this, ORCA, a marine conservation charity, emerges as a beacon of hope, tirelessly working to protect and preserve our marine environment. In this blog, we’ll explore the incredible work done by ORCA and how your subscription to Sail Away Magazine contributes significantly to this noble cause.

Dolphins / ORCA
Credit: Dolphins / ORCA

The Mission of ORCA

ORCA’s mission is profound yet clear – to give a voice to the oceans and to the incredible wildlife that inhabits them. This organization is not just about conservation; it’s about creating a sustainable future for marine life. Their work encompasses several key areas:

  1. Research and Monitoring: ORCA conducts vital research on marine mammals and their habitats, providing essential data to inform conservation policies.
  2. Education and Awareness: By raising awareness about the importance of marine conservation, ORCA educates the public and inspires future generations to take action.
  3. Direct Action: ORCA is actively involved in various projects that directly benefit marine life, from habitat restoration to anti-pollution campaigns.
ORCA Volunteers
Credit: ORCA Volunteers / ORCA

How Sail Away Magazine Supports ORCA

Sail Away Magazine, a publication dedicated to cruise enthusiasts and ocean lovers, recognises the importance of healthy seas. In a remarkable collaboration, for every magazine subscription, £1 is donated to ORCA. This partnership symbolises more than just a monetary contribution; it reflects a shared commitment to marine conservation.

The Impact of Your Subscription

When you subscribe to Sail Away Magazine, you’re not just receiving a treasure trove of sailing insights and stories; you’re actively contributing to the conservation of our oceans. Here’s how your subscription makes a difference:

  • Financial Support: The £1 donation from each subscription directly funds ORCA’s conservation projects and research initiatives.
  • Spreading Awareness: As more people subscribe, the awareness about ORCA’s work spreads, garnering more support and attention towards marine conservation. Ever issue of the magazine features articles written by ORCA, showcasing the vital work they do.
  • Community Building: Subscribers become part of a community that values and advocates for the health of our oceans, creating a collective force for positive change.
Sail Away Magazine with Captain Kate McCue
Credit: Sail Away Magazine makes a difference / Sail Away Magazine


The work of ORCA is a shining example of dedication and passion for marine conservation. By subscribing to Sail Away Magazine, you become a part of this incredible journey. Your contribution, no matter how small, has a ripple effect, bringing us closer to a future where our oceans thrive. So, take action today, subscribe to Sail Away Magazine, and join us in making a real difference for our marine environment.



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