P&O Cruises Disastrous Partnership with Maleth Aero

P&O Cruises, once synonymous with luxury, has faltered, disappointing passengers and agents alike. Contracting Maltese carrier Maleth Aero for Caribbean fly-cruises sparked discontent, revealing communication flaws.

P&O Cruises Iona
Credit: P&O cruises IONA / P&O Cruises

Communication Breakdown

P&O Cruises admitted that there are “lessons to be learnt” in how they communicate with agents, after striking a deal with Maleth Aero. This decision left agents and passengers feeling let down. Agents which are the intermediaries between the cruise line and its customers, were left scrambling to deal with complaints and cancellations

maleth aero airlines
Credit: Maleth Aero Airlines / AirFleets.Net

Subpar In-flight Experience

Unlike P&O Cruises’ competitors, Maleth Aero offers no premium seating or inflight entertainment, leaving passengers to endure long flights without the comforts they expect. This drastic departure from industry norms has left travellers questioning P&O Cruises’ commitment to providing a premium travel experience.

maleth aero airlines interior
Credit: Maleth Aero Airlines Interior / Aviapages

Empty Promises and Fumbled Solutions

The cruise line has pledged to ensure agents receive “the right information at the right time” in the future. Furthermore, they refunded premium economy seat customers with onboard credit. However, they failed to refund deposits in full. 

maleth aero airlines interior
Credit: Maleth Aero Airlines Interior / Aviapages

The Scarcity Excuse

While the global industry may be facing challenges. Other cruise lines have handle these issues without compromising passengers’ experience. P&O Cruises’ decision to partner with Maleth Aero has proven to be a misstep. Leaving travellers and agents questioning their allegiance to the brand. The lack of communication, along with the subpar in-flight experience, has highlighted a disturbing shift away from customer-focused values.