Hurtigruten renames it’s expedition cruise line HX

Hurtigruten renames its expedition cruise line HX. Norwegian-owned cruise line, Hurtigruten has announced that it’s expedition arm will be entirely rebranded as of December 2023.

Name Change

Hurtigruten Expeditions will officially change its name to HX starting in December 2023. Hurtigruten Norway, which has a long history of operating the Norwegian Coastal Express will revert to its original name ‘Hurtigruten’. This move aims to create a clearer distinction between the expedition-focused, and Norwegian coastal cruise lines.


The decision to use ‘HX’ for the expedition line, and ‘Hurtigruten’ for the coastal line is intended to better differentiate the two operations. This differentiation was ignited three years ago when the two segments were separated.

Transition Plan

The transition to the new names will begin with the introduction of ‘HX’ while still using ‘Hurtigruten Expeditions’ in December especially ahead of the Wave season. The plan is to exclusively use the shorter name ‘HX’ six months later.

Updated Marketing

As part of the rebranding, brochures, websites and social media channels will be updated with the new logo and branding to reflect these changes. To explore some of the incredible coastal cruise and expedition cruise itineraries which Hurtigruten offer, click the image below.

Antarctica expedition cruise with Hurtigruten.
Credit: Antarctica expedition cruise with Hurtigruten / Hurtigruten

Ship Deployment

The group has announced that the Otto Sverdrup ship, currently part of the expedition line, will be shifted to Hurtigruten Norway in January 2024. Additionally, the Maud expedition ship will be redeployed to Antarctica in response to growing demand.

These strategic changes and rebranding efforts appear to be part of Hurtigruten’s ongoing efforts to refine its positioning in the cruise market and cater to the specific interests and demands of its passengers, whether they are seeking expedition experiences or coastal voyages.

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