Costa Introduces SpaceX’s Starlink Wi-Fi

SpaceX’s Starlink has been introduced on board Costa Toscana, with Costa Cruises planning to roll out the enhanced Wi-Fi across the rest of its fleet by December.

Passengers and crew on board the flagship can already take advantage of the technology as the vessel sails the Western Mediterranean. Costa Smeralda is next in line to be equipped with Starlink, before being rolled out fleet wide.

So far this summer, Scenic Luxury Cruises, Emerald Cruises, AIDA Cruises and Atlas Ocean Voyages are among the cruise operators who have announced plans to introduce Starlink Wi-Fi to their ships.

‘Revolutionary capabilities’

‘Costa remains committed to embracing innovative solutions that enhance the onboard services and exceed guest and crew expectations,’ explained Giuseppe Carino, VP guest experience & onboard revenues, Costa Cruises.  

“Thanks to the revolutionary capabilities of Starlink low orbit satellites, our ships will have access to high-speed, reliable internet connectivity like never before. Our goal is to transform the way our ships operate, delivering an even better experience to our guests and crew, through a combination of different technologies, services and broadband connections.”

Key benefits 

On board Costa Toscana – and later on other Costa ships – passengers will have the opportunity to purchase ‘Pay per Minute,’ ‘Whatsapp,’ ‘Social’ and ‘Full’ packages which include Starlink internet connectivity.

Starlink will offer the opportunity for fast internet connection, global coverage to stay connected even in remote areas, and an enhanced experience for web surfing on board including sharing experiences in real-time. The new service will also improve communication between ships and offices ashore, thus optimising various aspects of ship operations and ensuring a smoother and more efficient cruise experience. 

Private use of the Internet by crew members will also be improved, allowing them a faster and more reliable broadband connection making it easier for them to stay in touch with loved ones at home!