Celebrity Cruises Makes BIG CHANGES to All-In Package!

Celebrity Cruises Makes BIG CHANGES to All-In Package!

Celebrity Cruises is making a HUGE changes to its inclusive cruise package, and it isn’t benefiting the passenger!

Celebrity Cruises have announced big upcoming changes to its popular All Included pricing packages. The cruise line also announced further pricing changes to guests booking suites in The Retreat, along with new booking options for AquaClass staterooms. Finally, changes were also announced for group bookings made with Celebrity Cruises. 

Celebrity Equinox
Credit: Celebrity Equinox / Celebrity Cruises

Starting in October 2023, Celebrity Cruises will eliminate prepaid gratuities from its All Included pricing packages. Previously, the All Included packages included the Classic Drink Package, Basic Wi-Fi and prepaid gratuities. This change will go into effect for new bookings starting on 4th October 2023. 

Similar changes will go into effect for guests booking suites in the suite-only area, namely The Retreat. The cruise line announced plans to remove not only gratuities, but also the onboard credit amenity for Retreat guests.

Additionally, changes were also announced by the cruise line for guests planning to book AquaClass staterooms. Guests no longer need to book All Included packages for AquaClass staterooms. Instead, AquaClass staterooms can be booked with a cruise only fare.

Finally, Celebrity announced changes to unnamed group bookings, which will now be priced using the All Included package and only include Basic Wi-Fi and Classic Drink Package. These changes come during a time where many cruise lines are reevaluating onboard benefits, cruise prices and amenities offered.

Despite these cuts to benefits, Celebrity Cruises confirms that guests will still receive significant savings with the updated pricing structure for All Included packages. The cruise line shared in its announcement that guests can save anywhere from $200 to $800 per person when compared to onboard prices for these amenities – but we’ll believe that when we see it. 

It’s important to note that onboard prices are almost always inflated compared to pre-purchasing the same amenities. Therefore, clarifying that guests will save $200 to $800 in comparison to onboard prices is interesting. The savings from the All Included package would be more worthwhile when compared to the cruise only fare with drinks and internet added al-a-carte. 

Gratuities can be prepaid or charged onboard daily for reservations made with All Included. The current daily gratuity rate for Inside, Ocean View, Veranda staterooms is $18.00. Concierge Class and AquaClass staterooms are charged $18.50 per day for each guest. Those saying in The Retreat will need to pay $23.00 per person, per day for all guests staying in the retreat. These gratuity rates were increased earlier this year from previous rates.