Ambassador Raises Drink Package Costs

Ambassador Raises Drink Package Costs

As the cost of living bites, Ambassador Cruise Line has announced a range of price increases for its drinks packages, starting from 1st September 2023. The price increases vary depending on which drink package you choose, and the length of the cruise you are on. Unlike many other cruise lines, Ambassador drink package prices differ according to the length of your cruise which is a little odd – but the logic behind this, is that they believe people are likely to drink more on shorter voyages than longer ones.

Ambassador Ambition Cruise Ship
Credit: Ambassador Ambition Cruise Ship / Ambassador Cruise Line

Ambassador now have a total of 5 drink package offerings, and this is what you need to know:

The Ambassador Experience Package, which includes non-alcoholic drinks, is increasing from £18 per night to £20.95 per night on cruises ranging from 5 to 29 nights ONLY.

The Ambassador Explorer Package, which includes house brands of alcoholic drinks, is increasing from £33 to £38.95 per night.

The Ambassador Expedition Package, which includes premium alcoholic drinks along with premium teas and coffees, goes from £38 a night to £44.95 per night.

Meanwhile the kids’ package used to cost £11 per night – it will now cost £13 per night for under 12s, and £16 per night for 12-17 year olds.

Please note, these do not affect bookings made before the 1st September 2023! Ambassador will honour the original lower prices for bookings made before this date.